Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend post

Dodger game Friday night with coworkers, my dad and sister. There are 5-6 people at work that are Yankees fans and always get tickets when they are out here to go to the games. My dad, sister, and I usually fall into the mix and usually end up sitting somewhere around them. I sat in the same section as Jason and Michelle/her family from work- their seats were about 8 rows in front of me, we were over just off of the 3rd base line. Then my dad and sister got tickets away from me because there were no 3 packs of tickets being sold. They were over by first base on the 2nd level of the stadium. The Dodgers lost, which was unfortunate, but it was a really good game.

Some pics from the game courtesy of my new phone- the zoom isn't great, but it is nice. The photos are overall pretty good quality.

I zoomed in on Manny from my seat at a maximum zoom.

Saturday night was Gonzo's birthday at BJs and Eddy's. She invited like 12 people, but only 5 showed. It was Eddy, Darla, Darla and Gonzo's friend Linda, and myself at the dinner. Lots of fun conversation about anything and everything. We talked a lot about music, and I told Edwin how Tim McGraw does it for me. hahaha. We talked about Katy Perry's California Gurls and the whipped cream squirting boobs at the end of the song (starting about 3:25). Joe showed up later at Edwin's- he was just leaving the Angels game and couldn't make the dinner. When Gonzo and I got to Eddy's, he was sitting in his living room as we knocked, and told us to come in. He was watching some light porn on Cinemax or something. The guy and girl were going at it, girl's tits were showing. He was turned on and telling us. Gonzo blocked the TV. Then he put Entourage on, then back to porn. For a few minutes Gonzo, Eddy, and I sat watching that. Darla and Linda showed up and watched some too. Joe came and Joe sat on the floor looking at his phone like he was trying to not watch it... hahaha. Awkward. It was interesting. Lots of talking about guys Darla liked and we gave the yes/no approval. Lots of talking with Joe about the Angels. Fun time. Marci showed up shortly after. Eddy was insistent on making kamakazi shots again. Seriously, I'm so tired of those, it is just like lemon juice. I turned Eddy onto to give him some ideas for new drinks. We were about to do Cosmos, but he didn't like cranberry juice, though he had 2-3 bottles of it in the fridge. Nobody got really drunk and wild and crazy thankfully- just a few shots here and there. We all took off about 1- we were going to leave at 12, but we were busy watching California Gurls by Katy Perry on MTV, as well as Drake and talking about his abilities/or lack thereof depending on who you ask, debating the merits of rap/rock music. Rap and reggae is good for clubs, rock is good for everyday according to Eddy. Marci thinks that rock is all about depression and rap is about having a good time.


Anonymous said...

I left 15 days and find many changes in your blog, congratulation for the new design

Aek said...

Oh Katy Perry. She has quite an amazing voice, but that was such a weird vid, lol.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Just so you know...

The next five on the fifth is a few days away. You can either take 5 random pictures of anything that happens to you on Monday 5th of July (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme - this month there are 2 suggestions:

"This past weekend" or "I don't like Mondays".