Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It came

The FedEx site annoyed me all morning since they weren't updating tracking information. Long about 2p.m. it was updated that my phone had been attempted to be delivered at 9:30 this morning, but the post office was closed. I went to the post office before at 1:30 since I usually see FedEx there around that time, and they had been by already, but Anita at the counter told me that they brought all of the ground and express packages, overnight would be delivered later if there were any.

I chatted with The Guy and told him my phone was coming today. He was butt hurt, and downright jealous. His phone isn't scheduled to arrive for a while. He was wondering how I managed to get in to get mine, and he wasn't. He tried on the Apple site and ended up having to go through AT&T. We joked with each other about jealousy being a disease, that I would invite him if I had to take a trip over to Ontario to Fed Ex to pick it up if it didn't arrive- how he couldn't go because he was green with envy, and stuff like that.

I went to check the mail again at 5:50, and the red slip was in my box indicating we had a package. I signed my John Hancock at the desk, then danced with joy as I made my way out of the post office. Literally. I shot a text to The Guy with a photo of the box. He told me he was excited or something.

I came home to unwrap it and made a video of it that I realized I could not send to The Guy unless I were to do it by youtube or email of me unwrapping the phone. I'd post it on here, but there's my voice, face, and other stuff. He was also probably not in the best moods since he was going to therapy, and I'm sure the "It's pretty!" I sent a short while ago didn't help. He doesn't handle jealousy well. When am I ever again going to get a Mac product before him?!

So it is a pretty phone. It has a pretty screen. Pretty is what I have used over and over describing the phone, so I think Pretty is it's name. The feel being more square doesn't hold in your hand as well, but the software upgrade has some cool things like if you have assigned photos for your contacts their photo will show up in your email and call. The text on the screen is very easy to read. The folders option is nice too- I have most of my games in 1 folder, all the Apple installed utilities in another. So far reception seems to be ok- I haven't made a call- but I've had full 3G coverage most of the night with the exception of when I had it in my hand earlier. It would go from full 3G to no bars on the Edge network. This can be because the titanium bar going around the phone is an antenna. See the video below for an explanation.

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Bruce said...

I want one!! I'm going to wait a few months to get one, maybe in the fall. I want a detailed analysis of the good and bad.