Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tutor get together

My boss from the high school that I tutor at was throwing a party to thank all of us tutors for our hard work last night. Everyone, including the teachers we work with were invited. A lot of people were actually out of town, but the people I wanted to hang out with like Viv, Marci, Eddy, Gonzo, and Joe.

There was carne asada, barbecued chicken breasts, 7 layer bean dip, chips, arroz, y frijoles. The carne asada and chicken were soooooooooooo delicious. My boss was insistent on pouring and making drinks for us. We were doing some margarita sampling. She was telling why she is her own bartender when it comes to drinks. She likes them strong. She made us a basic margarita with Cuervo, and then one with Patron to see the difference. Then she made her margarita, which was STRONG. It was one you sip. It had a burn as it went down and minimal flavoring, which I like. Gonzo thought it was too strong, but I liked it, as did most everyone else. Mrs. C claims that is how they make the margaritas in México, y si es la verdad, if that is the case let's go!

So it was fun. We arrive, snack on the 7 layer bean dip and chips, and talk about little things like school. Gonzo graduated, so we congratulated her. Everyone talked about their finals and how the quarter went for them since everyone is on the quarter system. We sit down to eat and talk about a lot of different things. We talked about World Cup- and I threw out how boring it was. Everyone else is so into it. Lots of talk about hot soccer players and googling the players, and passing their photos around on our iPhones. Mrs. C is really into country as of recent, so she had the country station on Pandora playing. We were listening to Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, and Tim Mcgraw. I learned Viv is a country fan, and loves Tim Mcgraw. Of course I had to mention going to the Tim McGraw concert, and Viv and Mrs. C were jealous. We talked about going to concerts, and Mrs. C didn't realize how into concerts I am. We talked about other artists like Pit Bull, Maná, Aventura, Shakira, and our likes/dislikes. Apparently Shakira's song Loba/She Wolf is bad. I like it even if they don't. We talked about favorite books, and Mrs. C is of Mexican descent, but doesn't really speak Spanish. She has read a lot of Spanish authors, as I have also, and Viv and her cousin, so we were able to talk a lot about Cisneros, García Marques, y Sor Juana, which was interesting. I enjoyed the convo. We talked about clubbing and stuff like that- Mrs. C is pretty hip and in when it comes to stuff like that- she's not out doing it, but she had her young wild days. She knows I'm a big Brandin' Iron fan for the country music. We also talked about our favorite restaurants and fine dining restaurants. Mrs. C and I may do the OC Register food truck get together on the 30th of this month- I facebooked her the information.

Mrs. C made sure we were all supplied as far as drinks went. I only had 2 margaritas and that was perfect- I never overdo it when drinking, and I certainly wouldn't around coworkers/a boss. Now Eddy was a different story. He had been drinking before he came- no surprise- we seriously are thinking he has a drinking problem. And you can tell he has been drinking. He did Patrón shots with Mrs. C's husband, was telling everyone including Mrs. C how horny he was, and was talking to the wall outside of the bathroom at point. Mrs. C knows Eddy is like this, and didn't think anything of it. She was telling him to crash on the couch, she would drive him home, whatever. Gonzo was hit on by Eddy. Eddy kept telling everyone he had to go because he had booty calls waiting. Joe drove Eddy home in his truck and I followed Joe, then drove him back to pick up his truck. Joe was so hilarious during the night teaching us his "moves" for awkward situations. It was random hand gestures like the awkward turtle, which was appropriate when Eddy was around and talking about being horny.

Joe called this the sexual tension jellyfish
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Overall it was an awesome time just kicking back, eating, talking, and we talked for a good 5 hours or so.


Bruce said...

You need to go to Oil Can Harry's in Studio City. It's country on Friday night. I think the LA Gay Rodeo event is held in the summer. If I hear about it I'll let you know. There is also a gay country line dancing club in LA. I think there called the LA Wranglers but I'm not sure.

Mike said...

Thanks for the information! I'll have to keep Oil Can Harry's in my mind.