Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phone and weekend

I didn't hear from The Guy last night, but I was bound to today I knew. He impatiently spent the day waiting for his phone. I was at home doing schoolwork for my Thursday night class. I was off and on on facebook. He sent me a message and instant message on there asking how it was, then triple teamed me by calling me asking how it was. I picked up the phone and said "it's sooooo pretty!!!" I told him about the beautiful screen that is so crisp and clear. I told him that the text is a lot easier to read. I said that the apps seem to load faster, especially Grindr. He was jealous. I was using every opportunity I could to rub it in his face about how nice it was. He was not having it. He was telling me how he never does that to me, how he needed me over there to wait for his phone and sign for UPS so he could go wait at Victoria Gardens at the Apple Store. Sorry sweets, it doesn't work that way. We chatted for about 45 minutes about the phone and at the end there he told me how he had never seen me be so selfish and rub something in his face, and it was obvious how much pleasure I got out of it. I burst out laughing because it was so true. Then I shot him a few more texts throughout the day like where I showed off the camera and what it could do. Here's a pic I shot of the geraniums outside. It really came out so crisp!

He called me on my way to school about 4:55 after he just opened up his phone wanting to try out Facechat, but I was in the car driving nowhere near WIFI. We shall try that another time.

So here's the lowdown on the weekend- I'm excited!

- Find a birthday card for Gonzo and TGI Fridays gift card
- Buy a Dodgers t-shirt or jersey
- Dodger game Friday night, which is Dodgers/Yankees, GO DODGERS!!!
- Any ideas about the best freeway exit for the stadium? It will only be my 2nd time there, and I'm sure everyone and their mother are going to this game. I'm in an argument with a friend over whether to take the 5 to Stadium Way or the 110 to Dodger Stadium exit. I think the 101 to 110 just because the 101 and 110 are wider than the 5, and everyone takes the 5.

- Gonzo's birthday dinner at Olive Garden and Eddy's for drinks

And my neighbor and I haven't caught each other online or on facebook, but he did send me a message on AIM after I signed off, so it went to my cell phone the other night asking if I'd suck him off. When he asks again the reply will be yes... haha


rlp340 said...

Congrats on the new phone! Mine came in today. I don't really do baseball - and aren't old high school friends great! :P

Anonymous said...

I took the 110 because I was downtown. And it wasn't the zoo the Yankees bring lol. Plus I know u already went but it A's ansering the question like I know LA.

Anonymous said...

My spellcheck on 3GS sucks. Need iphone4.

I meant it's fun acting like I know LA.