Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I was nervous, but I did it

I can't tell you how many chain letters I got from my aunt this week about Obama. I was seriously about to say something. I was annoyed. I decided to just do a 5 second search on the internet and pull something that even remotely showed that Obama is not perfect, be Christian, don't judge. I was looking for Democrat chain letters, but didn't find any luck in any that really promoted a Democratic view to tick my aunt.

So after being unsuccessful finding a nice chain email, I found this, and though the proof/examples may not be great it made me feel better for the moment. This kind of gets my point across- don't believe everything you say about Obama. I'm not trying to say he is great and I agree with everything as there are plenty of issues I'd readily debate, but her emails are just so asinine I am at the point where I let loose and said something.

I wonder what she'll say... I'm sure I'll get some sort of comment... haha I almost expect an upset call, email, or call to my mom from her about how she was offended. Tough.

Update: Got a call from my aunt at 6:01 Cali time this morning, which at that hour I let go to voicemail. She said she was "sorry to see I have been misinformed," and an email saying "she is not fooled by Democrats." hahaha Good times!

Stop The 'Bama Drama Already!

Obama Won't End The World!

There is no such thing as the Obama America Scout program to rival and take over the traditional boy scouts in order to get rid of any religious associations! That chain letter comes from a spoof news blog! For gosh sakes, people! … couts.html

A US federal judge has not halted next month's national day of prayer … tional.htm

Obama did not cancel the national day of prayer either..That chain letter is full of distortions and outright lies. … -obama.htm

Obama isn't the first US president to be somewhere other than Arlington National Cemetery on the US Memorial day. If people are going to gripe over that, why aren't they also dissing George Bush and ranting about Ronald Raegan for also being away from Arlington on Memorial Day?

Obama is not destroying the second amendment with a foreign aid tax. … ty-tax.htm

Many politicians have tried to get the 22nd amendment repealed and not all of them democrats either, and regardless of which party was in office. And each time the proposals have died.

No, the small business chain letter wasn't even about Obama, it was about George Bush. So it started out as a leftwing chain letter, and now the non-left just assumes it's another anti-Obama thing!

Gah! Wake up, people!

This stuff has been going on for ages, but golly gorsh gee-whizz willickers, when it's Obama, the far-right chain letters spread like no tomorrow, making everyone who is non-leftist look bad! … 023156.php

This is because all you ever see on the net from republicans lately is pro-tea-party, wild anti-Obama chain letters, worship of Sarah Palin and Rush, Fox News this, Hannity that, and the only ones who seem to be making a huge noise against right-wing chain letters are people on the left!

Obama is not prez for life

Sheesh, people!

The Obama Phone - Free Cell Phones for Welfare Recipients Hoax

To anybody who has or is thinking about forwarding this chain letter on: Don't panic, it's a hoax.< You are not going to shell out taxes so your enemies below the poverty line get free phones, and this has nothing to do with the Obamas. Stop whining.

Don't Pass On The Outdated Lou Dobbs Viral Video. It's an out-of-date inaccurate anti-immigration whinge. … email.html

Tea partiers are making absolute fools of themselves with their chain letters. Then, the left reactionaries post scads of ridiculing and faned fright and disgust, but it's obvious, they love pranking and laughing at the far-right too much, and anyone who might be undecided gets this skewed representation from the worst of both sides.

Obama's Unholy and Anti-American Trifecta

Another false chain letter about Obama that started in early 2010. … ifecta.htm

Any real information in it is minimal, unimportant or trivial and included to prop up the falsehoods, which are then taken as truth and spread around.

Will this insanity never stop?

Some People Don't Want Obama To Be A Christian!

"not necessarily Christian?" Obama

Not necessarily unChristian either, people!

Please, get a grip!

About the only thing worth while in that article is the statement that Obama reads forwards (chain letters) on his blackberry, and that the meme (chain letter) of Obama praise is going around everywhere. Yeah, well, there are far too many Bamahatian chain letters going around as well.

The rest is just guck, some of that doesn't even have links to back it up.

One example is the way the article rails about Obama attending the Trinity United Church of Christ, which the article accuses of racism in the same way the left accuses the right of racism for simply not supporting everything Obama does or says.

For real information on that church, see this page. … _of_Christ

And remember, it isn't the only church that has controversy in its past.

Some people are so stuck on stupid that they literally don't want Obama to be a Christian, and this is abundantly clear in this article and others like it.

But guess what people? Even Christians don't believe everything the same, there are a lot of Christians who believe in things that are wrong-headed and hoaxes, like global warming and chain letters! Their problem as with anyone who believes in either of these things is that this is what they're being told, and they think it sounds true and aren't questioning what they are told.

But that doesn't make them non-Christians any more than my disbelief in the human-caused climate change hoax and other readily accepted chain letters makes me one! I'm not saved or damned dependent on my belief or disbelief in chain letters or human-caused climate change, even if those things try to tell me I am.

Whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for your sins is what makes you a Christian, to start with.

Additional but important things that really determine if you are a Christian or not are determined by your attitude and actions.

You can genuflect all you want and well up with tears over Christ on the cross saving mankind, but if you're a racist, you're not a Christian and you can't be.

If you accuse anyone falsely of racism, (playing the race card,) you are a racist.

Examples of playing the race card"

"You didn't hire me because I'm black!"

Wrong. You weren't hired like many other applicants regardless of skin color, because one person outshone everyone else and was the most qualified for the position!

"Oh, you aren't crazy about Obama. You're a racist - you don't want a black man running the US!"

WRONG! I don't like Obama's stance on the green agenda, he is way too accepting of it, naturally, because he is a democrat after all.

Playing the race card It is cowardly, bullying behavior and it is trying to revive and keep racism going rather than quashing it..

Then there's the type of racism that is more obvious to some people. And it is this more obvious kind that the race-card players are doing their best to stir up where it doesn't even exist, while having a hayday where it does exist.

If you hate other people because of skin color or something else about their appearance, ethnicity, physical limitations and other conditions they were born with, you are putting down what God made, you are mocking and blaspheming against God, and you're not a real Christian!

If you're a child molester, wife-beater etc. you are sinning against the people you victimize and sinning against God, and you are not a real Christian.

Racism and sadism are not the same as just having weaknesses and making errors and being imperfect.

If you believe every poisonous lying chain letter that tells you who to hate and why, you're behaving like a very poor excuse for a Christian and you need some common sense knocked into you and get your act together before you can go around yelling about who else is or is not a Christian!

It's bad enough that some people believe in utter bullcrap, but when the whole republican and Christian community on the net gets represented most loudly by far-right chain-addicted, Bamahatian cultist beliefs, it's an absolute disgrace! If you want to oppose someone, you should have reasons and real beliefs for it, not deceptive, manipulative, dishonest, idiotic chain letters dictating your position, which just make you look as bad or even stupider than those you oppose!

Certainly being a non-left-winger does not make you a far-right-wing tea party nutjob.

Just thought I should put that out there!

So though I sharply disagree with Obama's stance on environmental issues and believe he's far too friendly toward eco-green/animal activism, which is the only reason I don't like him BTW, I think he's swallowed as much left-wing koolaid as the next democrat which is why he is a democrat, duh, people.


No, the big bad Bama is not the first and won't be the last US president to screw things up, be both loved and hated, joked and whined about, have nasty rumors spread about him, or even do a few things right. He is not going to destroy America or the world, is not going to be an unremovable president forever, is not aiding people with ties to Hamas to resettle in the US. He is not funding Hamas,
does not have the mark of the beast tattooed on his forehead, does not and will not require anyone else to, is not the anti-Christ, and remember people, he was voted in, so whatever mess he makes of the US the voters have only themselves to blame.

And no, if you're a Christian and more of a republican than a democrat, your mission in life is not to indescriminately hate hate hate Obama at every turn, blindly following every stupid far-right tea party chain letter! No, you will not save the world from him or anything else by passing on wacky skewed far-right-wing chain letters while he's in office, or wacky skewed left-wing chain letters when the next republican president is elected!

Am I the only non-left-wing, Christian moderate republican who actually gives a flying hot jump about stopping these chain letters and the complete discrediting of Christians and the non-left on the net? Am I the only one who cares enough to really sound off about it?


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I couldn't even read all of that, lol.

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The irony of your thoughts is that religion is comparable to the chain letters.

There is no objective evidence to support any supernatural claim made by any religion or culture anywhere at anytime in history. So, it comes down to people choose what they want to believe and cherry pick the reasons supporting such beliefs. This is true of chain letters, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial UFOs, and religion.