Thursday, July 28, 2011

Introducing my boyfriend to my parents

I let the cat out of the bag with all y'all yesterday that today was the day.

My parents were coming to my classroom today to help set it up. The plan was originally to have them come with me in my car, that way there would be no excuse to bail out. My classroom was being used this morning for other functions, my dad had a doctor's appointment, and a few other things prevented us from getting in my classroom until late. We went to lunch and my mom talked about her appointment at her school at 3pm. I said it would have to be later to Mike in a text. He didn't respond.

We go to my classroom, I tell my parents what I want where, then they set to work. I had a few meetings to run to.

About 3:15 I am done with meetings and go back to my room. My parents are ready to go. I stall and find a few things to do. I text Mike and let him know my parents are still at my school. I then tell them that I'm getting together with Mike and would love for them to join us. My dad said he didn't care if they went and my mom said it would be kind of nice to meet my friend. We head out to the car and I give them directions.

Mike pulls up next to me as we are on the street to go to the restaurant. I was tensing as I drove and had texted The Guy for moral support. He knew it would all be ok.

We pull up to the restaurant and I go over to my parent's car while Mike gets out of his. He walks over to their car and my dad was getting out of the car. I introduce my dad by his name and they shake hands. My dad said it was a pleasure to meet him. My mom gets out of the car and asked where her cell phone and other things were that my dad had in his hands. She then comes over and I introduce her. We walk in the restaurant and Mike and my mom make smalltalk about the weather, heat, and he mentions how I get burned in his convertible.

We go in the Italian Restaurant and are seated at the front. Immediately we start talking about what we did in my classroom, how we saw my cousin at the Mexican food place we ate at during lunch. Talk then goes to what my mom's situation was at her shcool, which is still horrible. Then Mike tells what he does. We talk a little about the staff at my school. We transition to genealogy, my mom's favorite topic, the NBC show came up where traces stars roots, and Mike talked about how little he knew, but wanted to know more to do something for his dad for his birthday. He was able to give specific cities and my mom talked about the resources/odd family relations we have discovered due to genealogy. Mike talks about his northeastern roots, cities, and towns, fireflies, lightning bugs (same thing), and places.

We talk all throughout the meal, then my parents say they need to get home to handle the issues my mom is having at school. We take turns running to the restroom and head out. I say goodbye to my parents and confirm with Mike I'm heading to his place. We were there for about 2 hours from 4-6.

I get back to Mike's and he said "that wasn't so bad!" I laughed and told him I knew it would go well. I texted The Guy and other friends telling them what went down and The Guy texted back with "told ya so Mike." Mike got his mail and came back to the garage and told me, "you are a dead ringer of your mother- mannerisms, the way you tell stories, speech, you sound alike." I laughed and said I guess that's true.

We watched the amazing SYTYCD last night with that short haired blonde girl who did "Total Eclipse of the Sun" and Lady Gaga loved. We talked about Howard Stern and Gaga.

I left about 7 because I had some new materials for school to look at.


Anonymous said...

Nice! What a great week! So glad it worked out well.

JustAMike said...

Great story! I'm happy for you. :)

fan of casey said...

Mike: So do you think your parents left with the impression that this is just a good friend or did you provide enough clues/hints that this is your BF?

Jackdaw said...

That post put a big smile on my face. Glad to hear that it went so well.

Stephen Chapman said...

I am glad it went well. These things are usually OK in the end!

Anonymous said...


Nicholas said...

Hurrah! Of course it went well. :)

Aek said...

Yay! Seems like everything went smoothly. :-) But I'm a tad confused, did you introduce Mike as your friend or your boyfriend? This post didn't seem to specify really. Either way, all's looking well from this point of view!!