Sunday, July 3, 2011

A cat for a few hours


Left for his house at 2:30pm
He was browsing the net when I arrived
We smiled and chatted about the past few days
He looks up a couple happy hours and says we should go get food to cook at Fresh & Easy
He needs a Bank of America, so I pull up a map to one along Route 66
We stop at the Big Lots across from it where he picks up and later puts back some Blue Diamond Almonds
Go to BofA
Go driving down the street looking at decrepit houses and eventually end up at VG
Debate over which happy hour. He lets me choose and I choose Kings Fish House
Dine on a margarita, fish tacos, sushi roll, and ceviche
Eventually end up at Fresh & Easy
No jalapenos, which was sad because I wanted to make jalapeno poppers
Grab lots of veggies and stevia for cookies
Back to his place to put groceries away
Watch SYTYCD and NJ Housewives
I make the cookies and follow the recipe to the T
They don't turn out well... they don't spread out and become really chunky. They had a shortbread consistency
He laughs that I really can't bake cookies
I told him baking is not my forte and we compared the normal chocolate chip cookie recipe and followed that almost exactly. My only guess would be we needed more butter, although we put in what the recipe asked
Watch Kramer and Hot in Cleveland
Watch Happily Divorced and Kramer in the bedroom
Bed about 11


Up at 8:30
Make a piece of toast while he dilly daddles in his office
Discuss getting a kitty
Go to WalMart for dirt, but the dirt is expensive
Get odor eaters shoe insoles
Go back to his house and he is looking at doing online courses through the school I just graduated from. I encourage him to set up an admissions appointment.
Take off about 12 for a doctor's appointment
Back from Dr. about 4
Discuss our newly revised vacation plans - my graduation trip- hence the short Austin trip
He wants a cauliflower recipe and suggests Alton Brown after I read the ones I found that mostly fried it
He makes a cheesy cauliflower dish
Eat some of the delicious strawberries
He fixes the stuffed southwest chicken fake we bought at the store to go with the cauliflower
Snack on more strawberries
Watch Seinfeld Soup nazi and Frazier
Bed about 10:30
I pushed that we fool around and we did... I needed that
Took a sleeping pill and about 12:30 I notice my baby isn't in bed and is at the window
The orange and white striped cat that came to his house the night prior when I wasn't there- Monday night I think- came back and he was calling it in
He grabbed the cat and brought it in after coaxing it with treats
Put kitty in bathroom, but it escaped to the other cat's bedroom... worry what the cat has on it
Google the tag phone number and discover it is a city about 30 miles away and was a cell- we knew that part
Cat meows from bathroom and we sleep


Up at 7:30
I shower and he plays with new cat
He showers then calls owners
Owners say the cat is a neighborhood cat and to let it be
... now we know the cat will be back
Caused problems as he climbed the sliding door screens and left giant toe marks... closed them to avoid that
The talk of a striped kitty slowed
Downloaded iPad apps like monopoly and battleship
Played Battleship together for a while
Got the call about the job and everything with that unfolded
Left about 4:30 to go to Eddy's goodbye party