Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A watch, watch out I'm official, and watch what happens live or something to that effect

MONDAY @ 2pm

- Arrive at Mike's after checking out my new classroom, meeting with the principal (WHO I FEEL WILL BE VERY SUPPORTIVE AND NURTURING), finding out what I will teach (I HAVE THE DREAM ASSIGNMENT) signing my contract, going through a physical and a drug test. Turns out I'm all official. I think this is my dream job if the kids are as wonderful as the principal and this assignment sounds.
- I was disheartened to know that I only needed 4 units (1 class) to move over to the max on the pay scale - it could have been worth $4,000. BOO
- Tell my bf all about my day
- He presents me with a new job gift of a watch. On the ship he had invited me to wear one of his to see if I liked it. We go to talking and I joked that I would probably need one as most classrooms have awful clocks. He had 2 and let me choose. I chose the one he liked the best. The blue one was sooooooo tempting, though. It was a tough choice. I hugged and kissed him to thank him.
- Go to Kohls where he gets another one of the one he gave me, so he has one now. He has a mini watch collection going.
- He gets a yellow watch with the coupon he has since it was a major sale
- Go to Cost Plus after for coffee, wine, and a few other things
- Back to his place he pulls out peppers and said he had something for me to make
- Rachael Ray's stuffed peppers
- I set out halving, chopping, and mashing the ingredients
- Peppers in oven and then Mike has to eye them and tell me when they're done since he has final say... lol... as if he has reason to doubt my culinary expertise... but it is his oven or something like that
- He made some mac and cheese the night before we eat with the peppers
- A few were a bit zingy, they were pretty good, but needed salt and pepper at least
- Watch SYTYCD on Tivo
- Lay up next to each other until we're both about to fall over at 9
- Go in to bed and lay down watching some Gordon Ramsey Hell Kitchen show or something, then brush teeth
- Bed at 10ish

- Up at 7:30
- Shower
- He makes us toast
- Browse internet while he does some work stuff
- Get the update on his work calendar
- He asks if I'm heading out soon around 12 and I said I would to figure out my benefits etc. and sit down with my parents
- Ended up going home and spending the better part of 8 hours not including the time we went for shots to see what materials/curriculum I already have for my assignment. I feel very relieved/blessed/fortunate that I had so much exposure to what I will be teaching in that I have so many resources.
- Spent some time searching amazon and other sites for books/materials I need in my classroom


B said...

That's great Mike, this sounds like a really promising job!

Mr Lonely said...

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Yay! What a cool BF you got. Next time post a pic of your new watch.

Mind Of Mine said...

Never mind the watch post a pic of your boyfriend!

Joey said...

Ian is cracking me up!
(Hey, Ian...I have gotten to see a pic of the BF. I am a snoopy Facebook stalker in my secret life, and I caught a glimpse of him. Mikey picked a good one!)

Joey said...

Alright, Mikey, I am super-excited to see you so unbelievably happy in your upcoming teaching assignment. I promise you it will be awesome. Yes, there will be hard times, but every minute is worth it all. Teaching is the absolute greatest profession in the world. There is no other like it! Enjoy every experience.

Also you know where to find me if you need anything!

Aek said...

Congrats on everything!! Sounds like the job is off to a great start. :-)

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