Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite drinks

What are your favorite classy, yet common drinks that you order in a bar? Someone, who shall remain nameless, but I'm sure you know, as I chronicled my vacation, complained I don't switch up my drinks enough and don't know enough. Here's what I typically order:

- Corona beer
- Margarita
- Screwdriver or mimosa
- Sapphire and tonic (he introduced me to those on this vacation)
- Red or white wine
- Cosmo (not my fav by far)
- Manhattan (except I get heartburn occasionally)
- Jack and coke (my all time favorite, but I get grief from someone and many since I'm not from the east. Let's just say that I fit in on the cruise ship.)
- Long islands (fine, but 99% of the time I won't order because I'm not going to be getting hella plastered)
- Electric lemonade (see above comment)

I like tequila and vodka is fine since it mixes with everything. I'm not going to go order a sex on the beach, so no kinky names... hahaha

Oh, and I order too many girly drinks... I had 2 pina coladas on vacation. I had the fruity drink special 1 day on the ship. I like sweet drinks, but want to try less girly associated drinks.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Does a Shirley Temple count?

JoeBlow said...

I'm not much different than you. I only have a few drinks that I order: White wine (various kinds, whatever the restaurant has good), vodka and cranberry, margarita, chocolate martini, and Bud Light. (I like buttery nipples too, but I can't bring myself to order them). For the most part that's it. If I am in New Orleans, it is usually whatever has rum in it, so that I can have a hurricane at Pat O's. I have one strict rule though, whatever I drink first is what I stick with the rest of the night. It cuts down on the horrors of the hangover.

Aek said...

I like long islands, lol. How do you get plastered from just one of those? o_O I also like mojitos and sex on the beach. :-P

Anonymous said...

I just had my first whiskey sour last night - nice!

Anonymous said...
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TYinSD said...

Vodka and redbull!
or Crown and redbull!
Or bacardi limone and sprite... all delish!

Mike said...

@ fan of casey: LOL... nonalcoholic... hehehe
@ Joe Blow: I agree with everything you say. I like white wine, margaritas, and white beer.
@ Aek: I don't, but who orders a long island sitting at a restaurant other than Fridays? LOL.
@ Marvin: Love the whiskey sour, but I didn't drink any on our trip, although they were offered several times. I was having bad heartburn and thought that would make it worse.
@ TyinSD: I am not a vodka/redbull fan, but I am going to try that Bacardi Limon and Sprite. That sounds delish!

Anonymous said...