Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sharing stories - Came out to the coworker

The girl I suspected to be a lesbian confirmed it today. The 2 of us were the 2 out of all of our new friends- 6 of us- to go to lunch- everyone else was swamped and overwhelmed. I told her I have to worry about me- I come first- school 2nd- so I was taking care of me first because if I don't, then that makes for an unhappy me.

We went to KFC. We ordered and she got through the line much faster than me. We had been talking about work/classes/support.

Shortly after we sat down she asked me about my story. She asked if I lived at home. I said I did. She said she was seeing someone who was a girl because in her case, she dates girls, and how hard it was to tell her parents. I said I am in the same situation right now- I have a boyfriend. She asked all the girly stuff they want to know, what does he look like, how did we meet, and how long we've been going out. I said actually my boyfriend is to meet my parents tomorrow night. She asked how old he was at that point and I said there is an 11 year difference between us, but he can pass for much younger. She said she could understand my parent's concern, but I have lead them on to believe he is much younger, so hopefully that goes well and the question never comes up.

We talked about how our coworkers are starting to feel each other out and they're prying about relationships, and one girl, the good Catholic girl still seems skeptical about who she is dating, the significant other, because she doesn't know it was a girl- and lesbian girl was unsure how she would take it. We talked about the number of gay staff members.

We also talked about how we won't deny it when asked straight out, we'll admit it. We said that we will answer questions about do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and be honest with staff. We will answer questions like "are you dating someone" truthfully, and won't elaborate unless asked.

We bonded. LOL


Rocky said...

That's good to have someone you can confide to in work :)

fan of casey said...

Mike: Sounds like you are off to a good start. What are the chances that 4 of the 6 new friends are gay? The S8s are finally in the minority for a change.

Good luck on introducing your BF to the parents. The age difference isn't all that much and in lots of ways, it's an advantage since he's had time to establish himself and career.

Xtremeforce said...

Congrats on the new job.

Sounds like you guys bonded well which is awesome. It's always good you have someone you can confide in especially were you'll be seeing that person alot.

I can not wait for the post on the boyfriend meeting the parents.


Aek said...

Sounds like you have some awesome coworkers to bond with. :-D