Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday Watch Day


- Met my cousin and her boyfriend for lunch at BJs. Lots of fun chisme.
- Go to district and drop off TB test
- Meet up with The Guy to chat, watch him play some MMO, and hang out
- Met up with Mike at 4:30 to go to Ikea
- Drop my car off at the mall nearby since that was most direct
- Go to Ikea without any real knowledge as to why
- Mike was searching for desks for both of us
- In Ikea he found a couple, but they were too big, and had ugly legs
- Lots of convincing him of what to and what not to do
- Remind him to not go back to Ikea
- Go to Kohls where we look for watches. Stop at one along the way home and find a watch identical to his favorite he owns and it was only $12 on clearance (pictured on right- $85 watch). He buys it for me since he had the discounts, though I offered; I am to treat him to something else soon as payment.

- Stop at the Kohls across from mall where they didn't have any clearance watches
- Drop me off at my car
- Back to Mike's where we watch SYTYCD and eat macaroni and cheese
- Go to bedroom about 10:30, but we are grabby and soon we are playing around
- Bed about 11:30
- Had a dream about 5:30-6am about being on a cruise ship that somehow in a major storm surge gets pummeled with water in the front deck and water is on the 9th floor where the deck is and that floor starts flooding- the 3rd floor did also. My room, as well as Mike's were on that floor, and we somehow managed to escape the rocking back and forth, the wave from getting worse, the water, and the maitre-d telling everyone to stay calm. I was almost in hysterics worried the ship would flood, we would die, it was our Titanic moment. I really somehow tried to focus and was able to drift out of the dream and resume my normal sleep. Weird stuff.

- Up at 6:30 since it was my 1st day of work and he had an early day
- Shower and eat some toast
- Head to work
- I am going to a school with a very close-knit staff and am looking forward to it. I REALLY HAVE THE DREAM ASSIGNMENT. I am just hoping for the dream kids. The kids are my biggest fear right now- isn't that crazy- you think it would be curriculum- and if I were teaching the subject I am credentialed to teach I would be panicked.
- Call Mike and tell him about my day
- Head to his house
- Go to Home Depot to look at desks - he gets call from coworker he has to handle
- Talk about meeting at the airport for dinner tomorrow night since he is coming back on a flight and I'm heading out on a flight to my best friend's wedding

- Work tomorrow
- Meeting Mike for dinner
- Fly to my best friend's wedding

- Best friend's weddding

- Back before noon - less than 24 hour turnaround, but I assure you I'll be exhausted


fan of casey said...

Mike: When does school start for the kiddies? How many prep days do you get?

Anonymous said...
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