Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend of Introductions

After meeting my parents Thursday I figured why stop there?

FRIDAY AT 4:30pm
- Run to Mike's after going to district office to take care of benefits etc.
- He asks where I want to go and throw a few places out, as well as my school
- We head to my school for him to see my classroom. I give him a tour and we stop by the lesbian's room where her girlfriend is
- The 2 teachers I will work with both came in the room looking for me and gave me supplies
- A new 8th grade teacher had my class rosters that I had been unable to access and gave me them
- I leave Mike alone for a few minutes to put the new stuff in my room
- I introduced Mike to some people, but not everyone; he made fun of me for being bad at introductions. I didn't tell the lesbian, but told everyone else who he was. Oops.
- In car I put names to the faces for him further.
- Go to Staples since highlighters were free after rebate
- Go to Tokyo Wako for sushi and a glass of wine. Sushi was awful and glass of wine was not great.
- Stop at Office Depot for a few more upplies for my room
- Go to Sears Grand where we try on shirts. They had some slim fit ones that I ended up buying for $9- as if I had the money to spend. ALso looked at weedwackers
- Go to WalMart for a wall clock for my room
- Back at Mike's about 9:30
- Bed about 10

- Slept until 8
- Shower
- He gets a haircut and I submit my rebate for highlighters
- Go to Panera for breakfast
- Off to LA for Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park
- Lots of fun facebook photos transpired
- Go to a Yucatan Mexican food place that was DELICIOUS... we loved the ceviche, ensalada de papa (potato salad), y los tacos de pork y fish.
- Drive back to our area for a movie, but the movie theater looked packed, so we decided on the drive in movie theater near my house
- Stopped at Albertsons for German chocolate and Snickers cupcakes that were so-so
- Saw The Smurfs
- Got out about 10:45
- Back to his place for bed, but we were both too busy feeling each other up and jacked each other off

- Up at 7- and only because Mike screamed we were late as the original plan was 5:30
- We were off to meet Jack Off Buddy and his boyfriend- they both invited us to Knotts for the American Coaster Convention- those rollercoaster enthusiast people
- Get access to the best rides with no lines... I rode Supreme Scream, which I only do when forced, but it was cool
- Mike got along well with JO's boyfriend and JO's sister
- There was another couple along, one who recognized Mike, and it dawned on Mike hours later that it was a guy he really briefly dated's roommate, but the guy was of no interest to Mike, so we talked about that
- Ate breakfast in the chicken house
- Lots of fun, cool to hear about behind the scenes stuff at the park
- Left about 4:30
- Head to IKEA to make a return
- Head home about 7 to mucho drama... shoulda stayed at Mike's
- Off to my first day of school manana


Aek said...

I hope you have a great first day of school! :-D But there are classes in session at the beginning of August? o_O

Bruce said...

I second Aek's question. Is school starting already? I'm just getting used to LA summer traffic!!

fan of casey said...

Mike: The Smurfs? Did you see it because of NPH?

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