Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And today

I had a job interview at 8:45, which I feel went awesome. It was like I was sitting around chatting with a few friends.

I called the principal at that school I got the offer from to turn it down. He was deeply disappointed.

Head over to say goodbye to Mike on his business trip and give him his iPad that I accidentally took to my house. He was very relieved. Told him about the interview and he wished me the best

Hang out at his house and catch up with what is going on online/my bank account

Go to the mall and see if there is anything I can't miss. There wasn't.

I go to Target and then get an idea that Gonzo works nearby and would probably be going to lunch soon. Text her, get an immediate text back to head her way, then she calls me and tells me how to get to her office.

She drives and we go to Chipotle with a gay male coworker of hers. The 3 of us got along great.

Drive to my next interview. It lasted 6 minutes. No joke. Shortest interview ever. I think the 3 administrators were uninterested in filling this job or being at that site.

Came home and debriefed with my parents

Ate dinner

Hit the gym because I was feeling fat

Tried to pack and got frustrated. I hope we check our luggage. I hope we check our luggage. I don't have travel size containers and I always check my luggage. Grrrrr.

So much running around to do tomorrow.
- Get my dad the handyman's number
- Call my best friend to discuss the wedding
- Return a carryon bag I bought at Target tonight with no zipper
- Gym
- Meet up with The Guy *fingers crossed*
- Take my shirts and suit to the dry cleaners
- Buy wedding gift for best friend
- Show my mom what I need her to do on the teacher job website so she can apply for jobs for Mike and I while we are on vacation


A week basking in the sun in a beautiful exotic location that I have always dreamed of visiting

Unfortunately I just realized I needed to clear off my digital camera photos and realized I left the camera in the dang rental car last night. FUCK FUCK FUCK. No vacation photos. My damn $200 camera. I don't have the money to buy a new one and I know my parents will say tough luck. I hate myself. I am not the one to lose things. I don't even have $200 in my checking account right now. I could cry.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Don't stress out over the lost digital camera. Call the rental car company to report a lost item, take photos using your iPhone or in a real pinch, you can use your iPad. I know, people say you look funny holding up the iPad that way, but the point is you got options. Why ruin your vacation with your BF worrying about things?

Also, good luck from today's interview. Hopefully they call you back with good news tomorrow before you go on vacation.

And remember to bring and use a lot of sun block this time. You don't want to get roasted like your cruise adventure.

8=====D BIG BULGING BRIEFS AND WET BIKINI HUNKS ********** CLICK HERE ********** said...
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dan said...

i do hope you called the rental place. best of wishes. can't wait to hear bout the trip!!!!

8=====D BIG BULGING BRIEFS AND WET BIKINI HUNKS ********** CLICK HERE ********** said...
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