Friday, July 15, 2011

Write a song

I feel like I used to have creative juices. When asked to write creatively I never had a problem and always had a story to tell. Still can. Give me a topic, essay, report, or just free writing on my own I am fine. I have always, though, wanted to write a song. I feel like there is just some block in preventing me. The more I thought about it maybe it is an issue with genres- lyrics and topics in a country song are different than a pop song, and I listen to both. Maybe its my hangups about what constitutes a song. Maybe it is that I don't have a sound or beat in my head to help the song along.

Sometimes I hear songs- although bad ones- and they make me think I could do that...
Case in point. These 4 songs.

If blake could come up with that crock I could certainly come up with something better.

If Miranda could be this whiney I could too.

Your Flower is on My Head? Your Flowr is on my Head? I dunno...