Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 after graduation: search for employment

Well, in the weeks prior to graduation I applied to several different places.
Did the same today without much else to do.
I ran errands- Sears, the bank, Target, grocery store, and post office.
Went to my college to request transcripts for when my degree FINALLY POSTS IN 12-14 WEEKS.

I then came home and applied for several jobs at different places that I'm qualified for just because there was nothing else to do... haha
Applied for 2 positions at my college
2 positions at other colleges, 1 as a recruiter, another as an enrollment advisor
a promotions manager at a bank

Later this week...
VACATION! I have until the beginning of August to vacation. I have a free airline roundtrip ticket. I am thinking Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, or Orlando for 3 places I've never been that I'd LOVE to visit. I have a travel budget set and all of those seem within limits. I'd love to have someone to go with...
As for places I've visited that I want to visit again: Mississippi to see best friend, Nashville, New York, or Seattle.


Aek said...

Hey, good luck looking for jobs and such.

Have a great vacation wherever you decide to go!! :D

Mo said...

Nashville is a great city! I've been there a few times and LOVED every single minute! You would have a lot of fun in Nashville!

Jonathan said...

the 12-14 weeks lag time between graduating and seeing the degree post/arrive in the mail is annoying (to say the least).

however, should you need the verification, try contacting someone in your major's department or college to see if you can get an "official" letter stating that you have completed degree requirements.

in the college of arts and sciences at UKY, we have a degree certification officer who verifies all the degree requirements for the graduating seniors. she prepares (routinely, i might add) letters for graduate schools, employers, etc., stating a student's completion of a BA or BS. perhaps your university offers something similar?

Mike said...

Jonathan: Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm not sure there is someone who verifies the degrees in the colleges, but I am definitely going to look into it. I'll also look into my dept. Thanks!

Joe said...

Choices, choices, choices...

I love Boston. What a fun place to visit. I have never been to Chicago, but everyone I know that has been there loves it and has tried to get me to go for years.

You know me, I love Nashville. Will be in Nashville this weekend. Headin' to the WildHorse for some dancin'.

Anyway, let us all know what you decide. Have a blast.