Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sister eats

Sister was talking at dinner tonight about how healthily she eats. She was really quite proud. That statement blew me away and I had to question her about it and find out what she eats, as did my mom and dad. She was more than willing to defend herself, but I think the facts are obvious...

Cup of Noodles - sodium, much?
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi - Gatorade is sure healthy.

Campbells Tomato Soup - sodium, much?
White bread
Iceberg lettuce salad - Iceberg has tons of nutrients... not
Fruit Cocktail from a can
Bottle of Gatorade

Snack when she gets home from school:

Banquet chicken nuggets
White bread
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi

No potatoes (except for mashed)
Meat- as long as it doesn't have any fat on it
Rice (only white)
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi

Chocolate bar and Captain Crunch

With each one she justified it- she eats so much bread and cereal she gets her 11 servings a day. She gets her serving of chicken and noodles with Cup of Noodles. The bottle of Gatorade gives her 8 glasses of water a day. The tomato soup is vegetables. The chicken nuggets and meat serve as her meats. The vegetables in the Cup of Noodles, lettuce, and fruit cocktail make up her fruit and veggie servings. Misinformed, much? My mom informed her that there was not enough chicken in a Cup of Noodles to merit a serving, or vegetables. She informed her that it was salt. My mom explained the problems for each one.

All I can say is that is a lot of sugar and sodium, as well as processed foods.
It is not that my parents haven't told her that canned goods aren't as healthy, that Gatorade isn't exactly that healthy, but sister doesn't listen to anyone. She sure is eating high class! LMAO


Aek said...

Ugh, I think my body would reject most of those foods. Gross.

borg_queen said...

Ahahaha! I always laugh when people avoid fat like the plague. The body will not survive without fat. Although modern meat will surely clog your arteries as it is nothing but zombie food devoid of nutrients.