Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe I'm a compulsive shopper, which would be bad...

but I think think/know these things would make me feel better right now.
- An iPhone 3GS
- A new Macbook Pro
- New boxer briefs (that'd make me feel sexy)
- A new TV
- A Roomba... a robot vacuum just amuses me and I need to see one and own one for my OCD tendencies
- New red Vans Classic shoes

These new sunglasses that I cannot fathom spending $115 on, but really love. I checked them out and they look good on my face.
They're the Oakley Oil Rig Series

Or even a nice, hot sugar daddy to hold me and to buy me all this stuff... just kidding!


Jonathan said...

RED SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

(just my two cents.)

Aek said...

Zomg, boxer-briefs. I need to get some more for myself, actually.

Dunno how you're going to pay for the rest of that stuff though . . .

Anonymous said...

Iphone 3gs. You gonna get it?

I am a consumer myself. Like to buy things.