Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watch out, Texas

Remember Carl?
Sure you do.

hey mike. i'm moving to granbury Texas in 6 days and i still miss you. i am going to have a little going away with my brother and lisa, and will cook, and wanted to know if you wanted to come even though i'm sure your car will have a flat tire, your cow will be stuck in the road, or a nucular attack will have attacked your house, but it would mean a lot to me if you came to honor me and grace my presence. This will be the last time we get to see each other. - Carl

At least he's far away from me.
Tell you what, I'll throw my own party this morning.
Won't have to drive. Won't have to even get dressed up to go out.
I'm the only one home. I'm rocking out with my cock out.
And I'm having a large diet coke and cake for breakfast.


Joe said...

Carl is outta here!

I love the polite plea for you to come to the get-together then he tries to add some sarcasm and guilt on you. (Shame on your cow for getting stuck in the middle of the road. The cow should have more respect for Carl, huh?)

Anyway, I am proud of you for not going over there. Enjoy your own party!

Anonymous said...


Aek said...

Hehe, rocking with your cock out eh? ;-)

Bruce said...

Well, if I had known you were "rocking out with my cock out" I would have stopped by on my way back from Palm Springs. haha

L.C. said...

Haha, good for you!!!