Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Around- just busy

Posting has been spotty, especially when it comes to guys. Chris is busy with work and has been out of town every weekend, so it is always one of us shooting a text back and forth. Not sure if this will continue or fall off soon. Anyways, The Guy is having a really rough time. I did e-mail him Sunday because I was feeling still, somewhat hurt from the graduation incident, and everytime I called him he would put the phone straight to voicemail leading me to think he didn't want to be friends, and I was convinced it was something I had done. Nope. He's just having Josh issues. Again. I wasn't calling incessantly or anything, it's just anytime I did it felt really weird like it was something I had done.

So what do I find myself doing during the days?

Lunches and get togethers with friends
Applying for jobs
Getting little chores done around the house
Helping my dad clean the kitchen cabinets out
Doing yard work
Today it was the casino with my mom, Linda, and Linda's son
Laying down- I have developed severe migraines- maybe a sinus infection I still haven't gotten over, though I'm on antibiotics.
Going to the gym
Cooking dinner
Watched "Transformers" - liked the action, but I thought it was WAAAAAY too drawn out and long

Want to start working on video editing in the near future.
Going to plan a trip to Mississippi in the next couple days.
Chicago seems to be out of the question as I can't get any friends that can/want to go with me.
Chicago would be great with a friend where we could split the cost (about $500-600 for 4-5 nights at a hotel). Plus factor money for sightseeing, food, stuff like that it comes close to $1000 out of my pocket.
So Mississippi it'll be, although I'd love to go somewhere new.


Anonymous said...

I want to see Chicago some day. I'm not a big city person, but I think Chi-town would be pretty awesome.

So who do you know in Mississippi? I missed a post somewhere...

El Genio said...

Mississippi huh? I'm stumped as to why you would want to visit there.

Mo said...

I am from Mississippi...why do you want to go there? There really isn't too much to do.

What part of the state are you visiting. I am from the NE part. There are a few places worth checking out (birthplace of Elvis and few bars that are kinda okay)

I would visit Oxford and go to Faulkner's grave and hit the Oxford Sqaure...tons of fun, but it all closes at midnight or one, depending on the day.

Mike said...

My best friend lives in Mississippi.

Bruce said...

If it's southern Miss. you should think about a side trip to New Orleans. Great food, architecture and history. Hotels in the French Quarter have lately been fairly cheap too!!

Joe said...

Sorry to hear that Chicago didn't worked out. I knew you wanted to go pretty bad. Have some fun in Mississippi, and I agree that if you get a chance to visit New Orleans...do it!

Hey, and if you feel the need to hit up Nashville while you are at least on my side of the country let me know.