Friday, June 5, 2009

Two trips in 1 day

The Guy has been having a hard time lately, so I texted him Tuesday night since I hadn't heard from him. I told him I missed him and wanted to see him. He said he was free 12:30-2:30. I said that would work. He lied to his parents about being off site testing their network because he is wanting to be alone and away from everything.

He was playing some WOW when I arrived. We talked and then decided to head out to the usual place with the salmon and potatoes for lunch. While driving over we talked about family, then he called his mom to apologize for not stopping by the office to help out, but the onsite testing was crazy. The restaurant closed so we went next door for Mexican food that was rather disappointing. The Guy had a chicken and parsley burrito while I had some enchiladas. They tasted like enchiladas made from canned sauce. Oh well. This is probably the 4th or 5th time in nearly 2 1/2-3 years of knowing The Guy we ate in at a restaurant- actually sat down and ate. We talked about my sister who is still continuing her little antics. We talked about my dad. We talked about school. He talked about Josh. Josh and him are hanging out 2-3 days a week again, but he is not buying him anything extravagant, and trying to not manipulate Josh. He told me how he is now seeing Josh is on a much lower level intellectually and things like that than The Guy. He says he is doing this to be eventually able to break away from Josh. Who knows. Not me. I again just told him how I felt this was not a good idea because he was hurt so badly. Though he says he loves Josh more than he has ever loved any guy, how his intuitions were right that Josh is gay, and things like that, it is not a good idea. I know he was hurt and it did take 4-5 weeks to rebound, but I don't want to see him hurt like that again, go through that. He was a little defensive/refuted those points, but as a friend it was my job to at least say something I felt.

We just hung around talking and playing a little WOW until about 2:30-3 when he had to go to the gym.
I got home about 3 and got an instant message from Chris about 5 asking me what I was up to, what I was doing that night, and things like that. I told him I had zero plans since nobody was home. Sister was with my mom who was getting her hair done and my dad had graduation at school. I said I was alone and planned on running naked through the house or something like that to celebrate. He told me to take pictures. He was watching his son from 5:30-7:30 and invited me over. I made sure I wasn't intruding on his time with his son. He assured me I wasn't because he wouldn't have invited me otherwise. So I made my second trip over to the area...

His son is eating out on the patio. We watch him do that, then grab him, and head to Chick-Fil-A. They have a play land, which we watch him play in while we eat. All the moms with their kids commented on what a cute kid we had and wanted to know how old he was. I felt a little weird- did they think we were gay? There is definitely an age difference of 6-7 years between Chris and I- what did they think our relation was? I didn't really care, but I was just kind of curious. Nothing was going to happen.

Back to the apartment. Chris asks his son if he wants to run around nude before his bath. He joked that I can still do that later too. I was surprised. His son is only 1 and barely speaks, but his kid was around. He runs the water, then puts his son in. He told me that we'll have to take a bath together later. In the meantime, we sing "The Wheels on the Bus" and he washes his son.

He gets his son ready to go home and takes him home. I stay at the apartment and watch TV. He comes back and gets on facebook and uploads photos of his son and himself from the photo shoot he had a few weeks back. He also has to save the day at work because their catalog was going to print in minutes and the picture on the front page was the wrong one. He accessed his work computer from home, then played around on Adobe InDesign to fix it. That was cool- I'm learning InDesign actually right now since my sister (she was actually good for something) got me a copy of it since she was using it in school.

After saving the day, it was bathtime. He filled the bath all the way up, put some bubble bath in, lit the candles, and put on big band music. We got undressed and got in. I held him in the tub, which felt incredible. I love holding him. I loved rubbing his arms, chest, licking his ears, kissing his cheek, and then him playing with my legs. He turned around and we stared kissing, making out, and stuff like that. We did get out before we turned into prunes. We didn't get dressed, however. We got to the bed, got under the covers, made out again. He sucked me a little bit, then more kissing, then turned me over, licked my ass, then back around, more making out, more holding each other. I really like him. I jerked him off and then I got myself off because again, it takes me too long to cum. We talk, then clean up afterward.

We go to the living room and watch an episode of "Malcolm in the Middle," and the Fox 10P.M. News where we talk about how bad Christine Devine, Carlos Amezcua, and Mark Thompson are. We don't care they are on twitter. Mark is not hot. We only watched them because he had it Tivo'd so he could zip through the commercials. I offered to help him clean up the kitchen, but he said no, he had a burst of energy. He was cleaning up his son's mess. He finished and we cuddled for about 15 minutes on the couch before he deemed it bedtime. It was probably about 11:30.

He walked me out to the car and I got home about midnight. I had to get up at 5:41 the next morning, but the night was worth staying out late for. It wasn't too hard waking up actually.


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Baby!! Awww, cute. ^_^

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I am also trying to learn Indesign at work, so complicated with so many things to learn before being able to use it effectively