Thursday, June 11, 2009


Went to my mom's school today for her official last day with students. It was such a sad day. My mom is leaving the school, she was crying, people were hugging her, seeing my dad well up when he got so many complements about my mom, and just the thought of her leaving really made for a bittersweet day. Went to lunch with Linda and my parents and afterwards I just cried. I was really overcome/upset/sad about the events of the day. It helped to just let it all out. I felt much better- a quick cry before The Guy's... haha

It was made better by a trip to The Guy's for Snow Leopard. I have had some major computer issues with my CD burner not working and internet webpages being shown that were out of date despite clearing my history. Strange problems. Anyways, I texted The Guy yesterday asking for some help and we both talked. I just wanted to confirm the Apple Store at the Irvine Spectrum was ripping me off in asking for $896 to repair my computer. He told me to go to an Apple Authorized place by his house and they'll probably be able to get around the whole void warranty thing. I need my computer case (bottom case) where the keyboard is replaced.

I get to his place about 2. He called me a few minutes to 2 and said he was home earlier. We planned to meet at 3. He was working on his HackBookPro. He bought a Dell Mini computer for the sole purpose of trying to put Mac OS on it. He had his flash drives that were needed with the downloaded components and was going about trying to install it. He wasn't having much luck.

He put his Snow Leopard CD (developers copy) in my computer so I could try it out and see if I liked it. I did, but we decided to go back and just put the generic Leopard on it because if there is a software issue etc. Apple will troubleshoot me more likely with Leopard.

We have problems however in the meantime that it doesn't like any disks in my CD burner. I joked and told The Guy it was his CD. I enjoyed our banter back and forth today about our issues on the computers. It was kind of like old times. He finally put Leopard on an external hard drive and ported it to my computer that way because my burner wouldn't work. Because he was playing around with installing the OS on a Dell he knew how to transfer all the files to the hard drive to make sure it worked.

After the installation did work through the external hard drive he gave me the disks to install Office.

We watch "Latter Days," the hot gay Mormon movie throughout this. We're talking about how hot both of the guys were, especially the Mormon. Fun times! Again, like old times.

Jeff came over in the last hour or so and The Guy rubbed into his face the new Palm Pre. He bought it for his brother and had to show Jeff because he is a Sprint user. Jeff was jealous.

We finished up and The Guy headed off to his workout and has dinner with Josh tonight. He had dinner with Josh last night too.

Anyways, as we took off we hugged and I asked if he'd be there Sunday. He said yes, lunch on Sunday was on his calendar.

I totally forgot to give The Guy a gift I bought for him as a thank you for this computer work he was doing for me. It was just a gift certificate for iTunes, but I want him to know he's appreciated for all of his expertise/help. I left it in my primary case in the car.

I did text him on the way home to thank him again and when we hang out I'll give it to him, though he hates gift certificates, iTunes is quick and he just has to put the code in on the computer, it takes a few minutes, and so that's cool.

Things with Chris seem to be great. He held me and he got me off the other night himself. Two things he hadn't done before.

Closet: The Guy has purchased his 3GS, and as much as I'd like one, I'm going to wait until at least December when I may be eligible for an upgrade. I am trying to save my money now. I would like a new Macbook Pro, and I think a computer comes before a phone.


Joe said...

I feel bad for your mom for the crap she is having to go through at the school. I am sorry that her last day was so sad, but it sounds like the compliments made about her really prove just how wonderful she is as a teacher and as a person. I admire that.

Glad to hear things are going well with Chris. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

i have a Macbook. I went and whined at the
AT&T store yesterday about 3gs. And got
A high speed doo-hickey for my laptop from Verizon
Instead of at@t.

Sad about your Mom's last day! Sounds like
she really made an impact at school. Teachers
really are so important. Hope it works out where
she is happy.

Fun times with the Guy. Weird that your computer
got so jacked up. That really puts a crimp in things.

Happy 11th of June or whatever it is!