Monday, June 8, 2009


Had a big family get together for my graduation with my aunt and uncle tonight. We went to my favorite Spanish restaurant- the one I went to for my birthday. Sister didn't complain THANK GOD. Sister maybe said 5 words. It was beautiful. It was 3 hours of great conversation with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her boyfriend about iPhones (my aunt and uncle are now envious and want them), work, school, and things like that. It was such a great time. My aunt made me feel so special tonight by apologizing, saying how sorry she was she couldn't go to my graduation, but how she was trying to make it up to me by tonight. She insisted on paying for dinner, which probably totaled $400 by the time we got through with the tapas, the main course, the drinks, and the dessert. My dad was trying to get the bill, but my uncle arrived to the restaurant first and asked that he get the bill. Anyways, the conversation was AWESOME. I love my aunt and uncle so much. Wish they could make my graduation...
Now, since my dad insisted on getting me something I kind of pushed tonight that we go out to dinner before my graduation with the family that will be attending, as well as my friends. This would be really special to me because good friends would be coming together. Dennis and Foot Fetish cannot attend on Sunday, however. Gonzo can. The Guy also can. I shot him an

Shooting my email to The Guy was really nerve racking because he could say no. I knew he probably wouldn't, but I told him it would mean alot to me if he'd come and support me. He said he doesn't see a problem.

I am pumped and excited. My parents are getting to meet my friends, which is nice. My parents know Gonzo as she is always over here, but The Guy is a big one in my book. I get to celebrate with my friends. The Guy will get to put faces and names to everyone. All is well.

A random note on seating: The Guy and Gonzo cannot sit next to my sister- much blood may be shed. HAHA

In a way I am nervous because he is older, he is gay, but it isn't apparent. We have a sexual history together, but that will not come up unless my parents ask later, but I strongly doubt they will because that can't be inferred. I guess more than anything it is my mind working overtime that I am worried in that he is a friend I've had a little different relationship with. Would I have any qualms inviting another friend about his age that I didn't have sex with? No. And from here on out, I'm not going to be... I am not inviting him to make a statement. Remember- I don't want any drama. I don't need drama. I doubt there will be. I'm inviting him because he is such a great guy, and I'm fortunate to have him as a friend. I'm not ashamed of him. My parents know most of my friends are "older." I know my parents will go out of their way to make him, as well as all of my friends, feel welcome.

My only other concern is that my lie that he is a friend from Spanish may come out. He doesn't speak a word of Spanish. I may brief my mom ahead of time it is a different The Guy. I may tell The Guy my mom is going to think you're the guy in my Spanish class with your name, or maybe he'll just play along... WHAT TO DO HERE?!?!?!

I would rather The Guy come than not PLEASE, DO NOT GET ME WRONG- I would be more hurt had I not asked him, not invited him, just as if I had invited Gonzo and she said no.

Gonzo says I have nothing to worry about, and I'm sure she's right. I am sitting here giving myself mad props for doing it. YAY.


Anonymous said...

I bought iphone on March 30th. Today I find out the new
is ready in a few weeks. Well that pissed me off.

Now onto you. Grat night, good news the Guy said yes and I understand your stessing! Our imaginations in
these situations combined with the anxiety propensity
can dream up some drama. Sure it is possible...and California could fall in the ocean too. So relax, enjoy your friends. Gatherings like this rarely include inqusitions
into who has had sex with who way back when. Just be real best you can. That is my advice. Relax and enjoy
Your great friends. Gonzo and the Guy know you better
Then most cuz you have let them in on your real life.

It is cool thry will be there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about typos. Im on the antiquated iphone 3g.

Aek said...

I think you'll be okay, with The Guy and all. As long as both of you guys can think on the fly and recruit Gonzo to help play along, all will be well.

Perhaps you could say that The Guy had to drop Spanish class cuz he sucked that much? Then teach him a few very basic Spanish phrases to add to the reality, haha.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I like Aek's suggestion. :)

Hey, I think everything will work out beautifully. And, congratulations on having been graduated!

Bruce said...

Congratulations Mikey!! I'm a little verklempt, my little Mikey is all grown up and graduating from college!! Yes, I've been reading your blog for so long I almost consider you my son, haha.

Relax about the dinner and enjoy it. The people who love you will be there to celebrate your accomplishment, heck even your sister will be there. J/K I'm sure she loves you in her own special way.

Enjoy the night and have fun!!

Joe said...

Alright, Mike, you are just like me...your mind goes in a thousand scenarios that we always play out in our heads. We always focus on the ones that make us go "What if?" You know what I am talking about.

Everything will go perfectly. Everyone will be there to celebrate your graduation, your accomplishments, and you. You have NOTHING to worry about.

Take some time and just enjoy the time with your family, Gonzo, and The Guy. You deserve this time of celebration!