Friday, July 10, 2009

House sitting for The Guy

He called me when I was out with Mr. B on Wednesday asking if I'd house sit Thursday-Saturday while he was off at some athletic competition. He was telling me how upset he was at some things that happened with Josh, but he was going anway.

I said sure. Picked him up yesterday about 2, we went to the airport for a rental car. While on the way we talked about so much. My doctor's appointment at Kaiser. We talked about him going up there, Josh being so jealous The Guy is staying at a hotel on the coast with an ocean view, while he is only staying in a Motel 6. We talked about the AT&T GPS feature. He was amused because it showed my car, like my car, you know, driving down the freeway to take him. And the little car was the same color as my car. He told me where he left my money for the weekend. And of course I am doing this because I'm a sucker for $$$ and it puts me closer to being able to buy my new Mac. We debriefed. I let him know that I needed to see him next week, so we need to make plans. I need help with some school stuff. Then I told him to keep in contact, at least let me know when he'll be home, got his car keys and house key. We hugged, put the stuff in his car, then he was off.

And there he goes... of course you know he has to go in style.. Infiniti FX35

And my plans for the weekend are as follows:
- Book air flight to MS
- Buy computer? (maybe!)
- Set up this computer to become my backup (load all media onto it, Handbrake, etc.)
- Investigate hooking my Macbook Pro up to the TV/Apple TV
- Leyendo un libro en Espanol (Reading a book in Spanish)
- Balance my checkbook/other OCD financial stuff I do
- Fill out paperwork for school
- Oh, and The Guy has a pool in his complex... maybe lay out by it?
Productive, indeed.


El Genio said...

House sitting is a cool gig. I'm not a fan of the $9.99 fee that ATT charges, but I was just reading about the Tom Tom app today. Now that sounds cool.

Aek said...

Me thinks you should update your profile thing at the right, now that you've graduated. :D

Jonathan said...

crónica de una muerte anunciada is on my book shelf. i want to read it, but that might require another semester or two of spanish (on my list of things to do in the next 6-7 years of grad work).

i agree with Aek, update your sidebar blurb, mr. college graduate.

M&M said...

You have to get the Mac! I love mine

Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like a new computer. :)