Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Need to decompress before bed

Date tonight.
Profile said: 40, 5'9'', 150lbs, brown hair, blue eyes.
What I got: 40? 5'9'', 170lbs (or so), no hair, green eyes
The 2 athletic body shots and 2 face pics were maybe years ago.
That's the risk you run online.
Overall the conversation was good. But, well, it was not what I was expecting.

Good time tomorrow, though. Drink with Mr. B.
Oil change
Lunch with a friend?

Cousin has purchased Faith Hill tickets... pretty great seats judging from the seating chart... I'm the lucky one... haha


Anonymous said...

I hate liars...I do the online thing too, but I've had
pretty good luck with it. Met a hottie in Vegas
not too long ago. He was NSA type of guy though.
Too bad.

Aek said...

Eep! This is one of my anxieties about online dating or whatnot. :-/

Mike said...

Aek: Dude, seriously, don't worry. It is just a slight number of people who are dishonest. Most are what their pictures say.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Maybe he had multiple personalities and you just got the wrong one!

Anonymous said...

Well, good news about the tickets. Bad news about the date. :/