Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where I blog from

I was tagged by AEK over at The Masks We Wear, so I had to partake. And so in response to his question where do I blog from, I blog from...

The comfort of my Cal King bed. There's plenty of room if you care to join me. The mattress is extremely soft.
I sleep with at least 6 pillows on my bed. 2 of them are on the floor where I was laying earlier, not pictured. And yes, I use all 6 of them at various points, whether it be for laying on, laying my feet on, lounging around, or whatever.

My view to the computer- keys, phone, wallet, and cell phone are all within arms reach.

And a look toward the TV. When the bed is made and in any other season when I have my down comforter on the bed you cannot see the TV because the bed is too high.

And now I guess I'm obligated to tag some of you, but I will leave it open to whomever would like to show us around and let us in on their big secret.


Aek said...

That bed looks comfy enough to jump on. >.>

I'd totally love to join you. :)

Anonymous said...

*snuggles up under covers* :D

borg_queen said...

Nice legs. Very hot. And you have big feet, too. ;)