Monday, July 20, 2009

Random thought: my biggest nuisance

We have 2 nice looking maroon rugs in the hallway. They are great in that they keep the carpet looking nice. We have bought rug tape, rug mats, and other things to keep these rugs in place, yet they constantly slide. IT BOTHERS EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY TO NO END (EXCEPT FOR MY SISTER) SINCE WE ARE ALWAYS ADJUSTING THEM, MOVING THEM BACK INTO PLACE. Sister just lets them bunch up and doesn't care. Anyways, I am feeling bothered by them and needed to vent.

Already you can see the rug is bunching up, and it only gets worse.


Anonymous said...

I have a rug like that, it's now on top of the dryer. End of bunching lol.

Jonathan said...

carpet wedgie.

Aek said...

Lol, that annoys me too. But not so much that I feel compelled to straighten it out every time. :P