Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fighting fire with fire

It is amazing how people will stand up for you. I love my best friend. He comes to my defense. I do the same for him when I can even though we're 2000 miles apart.

Remember, the one who had an issue for so long with me being gay? Well, the other night I posted on facebook a status message that I just booked my airline ticket. The Mike left a comment asking if I was going guyswithiphones island. A few friends asked where I'm going. Best friend said the happiest place on earth and then joked that it wasn't. The Mike messaged him on facebook messenger wanting to know who he was and asked if he was my boyfriend. Best friend blew up and told him that he was gay for asking, he was probably the insecure one, and nowhere did I say I was going anywhere to fuck or be with a guy. I guess Mike continued teasing him and pissing him off teasing my best friend for being gay. Best friend just defended himself and told Mike he was gay for talking so much about being gay and liking guys. Eventually my friend signed off.

Whether my friend was doing it because he thought it was a jab at me, or because he was ticked off this fool was messaging him and harassing him, I don't know, but I'm pretty happy that he did that.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps The Mike is gay or bi-curious. Seems odd to me that a young guy in SoCal behaves as though he has never seen or heard of a gay person.

Aek said...

It's always nice when a friend defends you. :)

Anonymous said...

That's cool, your friend has come a long way, wasn't he kind of hard on your a year or two ago as you tried to clue him in? Anyway, glad he's come around. As to the other guy, CLOSETCASE (I should know).