Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things being said

This afternoon I got a text from my cousin and she told me to check out facebook and see what one of The Mike's said on their page. This Mike was filling out one of those dumb facebook surveys, and well, this one took a hit at me.

5 people you DO NOT want to see standing at the end of your bed!! by Mike

1. Gary Busey
2. ShamWoW Guy
3. Man-Baby
4. Mike
5. Michael Jackson

So first off, I thanked her, asked how she knew, and stuff like that. She was acquaintances with him in theater in college, which I knew. And I logged onto facebook to check it out, well, now I'm unsure what to do about The Mike thing. Sure it is easy to un-friend him, but I don't want to because I know what is being said. I have said NOTHING to him and don't plan to. Just keep a low profile, completely ignore it, like it hasn't happened. It does hurt, but overall I'm able to look at it and realize that it makes him look stupid and he thinks he is being funny. I think it is good that I've severed ties with most people from high school (the people Mike has contact with), although it hurts me to do that. I don't need them in my life and am getting along fine. I have wonderful people who would never do anything like that (The Guy, Dennis, Foot Fetish, Gonzo, Darla, and best friend in MS).

But this got me thinking and wondering? Is there anything I can do for this slander online? Do I have any recourse or is there anything I can do? I did screenshot it just to make sure I have a copy of it. I wish I had screenshot those text messages when he sent them. I never dreamed it would come to this, but I don't want it to escalate any further. Any advice? Ideas?

For now I'm keeping my mouth shut acting like I haven't seen it.


Anonymous said...

Unfriend him if you haven't already. Then leave it. You're better than to get involved in this silly child's stuff. Leave that loser to his own stupid behavior.

Todd said...

I'd say unfriend too. This isn't anything illegal and is considered satire. Why listen to what negative people are saying? It's better to be in the dark and not care.

Aek said...

You know, I'm a fan of subversion. Get a mutual friend who's more on your side to tell him off, or something like that.

But honestly, I would just leave it be. Unfriend him if you want, but as long as you stay friended you can "monitor" his actions.

Mike said...

I don't plan to delete him. I will just act like it never happened. His loss. His insecurities. Not mine. I'm fine. Great people around me.

borg_queen said...

What the heck's a man-baby?