Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just Me and me

I met blogger Just Me last night since we both live in the same area and he is home for the weekend. We met up at Starbucks, chatted some, then went to my favorite Chinese food place for some dinner.

We got to the bar about 9:30 and it was pretty busy for that time because of the underwear contest later that night, and the drag show. We got a couple drinks, sat down at a table and chatted. We were pretty comfortable with each other I think. I know I was comfortable as I was able to tell him "that guy's hot, that one too" and so on. I think the term I was using was "I'd fuck him" haha, as I was pointing them out. I wouldn't have done that if I wasn't comfortable. He put up with me chatting about anything and everything. The conversation flowed well and we talked about a bunch of different things like family, school, teaching, and stuff we've mentioned on our blogs. It always amuses me when meeting bloggers. We talk about things on our blogs that are big secrets, or things that we don't necessarily tell everyday people in our lives. So it is like we know a unique part of them, and when we finally meet, and get to chat, it is like we know each other.

The drag show was good. The P!nk drag queen was the best by far. We made our way out to the patio after the drag show where we had a pretty nice up close view of all those strutting in their underwear. There was one guy I kept telling Just Me about who just did it for me in the bar. He walked in with his boyfriend, both in underwear, and played pool behind us while we were chatting. His boyfriend was in boxer shorts and had a peace sign or something on his chest. The guy who did it for me was sort of stalky, sort of furry chest, maybe 27-28, wore a black hat, had his underwear, which looked like a tuxedo on. He had pierced nipples, which looked soooo hot. He had such a confidence to him it seemed as he was up there on the stage. I wanted him to win. I was bad and did shoot a few pics of him. AND HE GAVE ME A SHOW. Totally did it for me. When he was showing his stuff, he pulled down the elastic and pulled out his soft dick and started stroking it back and forth before putting it away. It was hot. I was so worked up after that. And he was standing over in front of Just Me and myself. I wanted so badly to touch or at least to talk to him, but I didn't. Not enough drinks in me. Unfortunately he didn't win. He did make it to the semifinals. He was my favorite, though. The girls who were in the underwear contest were interesting in their tutus and lingerie and they took their bras off and I saw several nipples too.

Afterwards we chatted some more while watching people being dunked in the dunk tank that was on the patio and then chatted in the parking lot afterward helping to close the bar down at 2a.m.

Maybe next year I'll participate in the underwear contest (of course after a few drinks). I sort of had that confidence last night like I could do that. LOL. I can't really explain it.

Edit: And here he is... after many questions about what he looked like the pic is posted. I'd fuck him or (let him fuck me.)


Aek said...

Where are these pics?! Are they forthcoming?!! >.>

Anyway, I'm glad you two had a great time. I like how you describe what meeting another blogger's like - talking about stuff we all blog about that're generally secrets in our lives.

In a way, it's a closer friendship, no?

Joe said...

Glad the two of you had a good time. I am jealous. I, too, want to see those pics.

Also, I think what Aek said holds true. It seems like a closer friendship with you all because we all talk about things on here that we generally don't talk about with those in our daily lives. Rather nice, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I had an awesome time, Mike! ^_^

I still think that the bf in the boxers was WAY cuter. :P Yeah, I'd have done him, too, lol.

Here's to awesome company and good underwear contests! :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, maybe you'd like me after all LOL.
I'm 40's and not a gym bod. Woohoo.

Interesting night at the club.