Thursday, July 16, 2009

My healing powers

The Guy texted me yesterday/we talked on the phone for about a minute yesterday and he told me he'd text me at noon. He said he'd help me study for the CSET on Saturday and that we'd do lunch. I waited and 12p.m. past. I was over in the area. I texted him, then called. He picked up the phone and I asked if we were still doing lunch. He was playing WOW and didn't go to work, so forgot about lunch. He wasn't interested in lunch, so I was starving (and bitchy!)

I get to his place and he is in the office for the longrun. He hasn't done his hair, he hasn't showered, had a few energy drinks, and a few smoothies, and plates laying around. I grab a chair and pull it up next to him. He asks if we can play, then study. I said sure. He asks if I want to play and if I had my new computer. I said nope. I told him I was mad at my bank for rejected Paypal's attempts to deposit into my account. It'll be a few days, but I'll get the money shortly.

He was playing with Rush and they were doing some PVP stuff. The Guy said I could play on his level 80 druid and go around healing his ass. I agreed since Rush was headed to bed. We did some PVP and I was pretty bad at first, but once I got into the swing of things we were good. He yelled at me, told me how horrible I was, but it was like old times and he'd do that whether I was good or bad. We were good and kicked some major ass. We were getting the most killings and most healings and lots of honor points in the game. It was easy just healing him as opposed a group.

I chatted with him about the test, my fears, my anxieties, and stuff like that. He was complementary of me, which was nice. I just felt a lot of self doubt while we were there. I am trying to be optimistic. He napped, surfed around on the computer, and I read through the damn book. I asked him a few questions and he gave me a few ideas.

At 4:50 he sprung into action and got in the shower because he had to leave to go workout at 5.

I was quite grumpy I do have to admit since I didn't get lunch. Granola and yogurt for breakfast does not last until 5p.m. I met a friend for ice cream afterward. So my 5p.m. lunch was ice cream. My 6p.m. dinner was French Dip. I'm going to have my 8p.m. apple for snack, now.

Faith Hill tomorrow night with my cousin. Woot. Cousin is already going to be in Hollywood, so I'm driving up to Hollywood, then parking at Hollywood/Highland I guess, and walking to the bowl. Bars after? Exploring on my own? Possibly. No sé.


Aek said...

Lol, WoW. I used to be a pretty damn good druid healer, back when the level cap was 60. That's like eons ago! >.>

El Genio said...

Lol, I can't believe he got you to be his pocket healer for a few hours. At any rate, healers are totally the best class in wow. ;)