Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drink with Mr. B

Tonight was the end of the year banquet at the high school. I joked with Gonzo that I was going to ask Mr. B out to get that drink we had talked about during the Christmas Party at work.

The night was wrapping up and we were helping to put the tables away when he comes over. Mr. B shakes my hand and I said "it's almost over" in reference to the fact I was graduating and I thought that's why he was coming to shake my hand. Gonzo shrieked, "ask him." I said "I think it is about time for that drink that you wanted." His eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile. He said we will do it. He just needs 1 drink and we'll split the pizza at Yardhouse one of these days. He said we're not inviting any of the crazy crew from 11th grade, just an intimate conversation about life and the future. We exchanged phone numbers and so I'll give him a ring about the time school lets out I think.

He said I made his night. He made mine. I expect it'll be lots of laughs, lots of serious talk, lots of beer, and pizza.


Sam said...

Talk, beer and Pizza?

mmhmm, yeah right!

Aek said...

Haha, that's cute. ^_^