Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of Chris

I have been so busy I haven't had time to update. So basically I have been texting Chris quite a bit. We have been keeping in pretty good touch. Text here and there...

I think we hung out last Friday night? Maybe? Actually it was last Tuesday-Wednesday and I recall. It was very random. I was free, he was free, it was about 8p.m., we watched an episode of Chelsea Lately.

We hung out on Saturday afternoon I recall for sure. I was apprehensive because he was spending the day with his son, plus would we be doing stuff in front of the kid? I told him no worries, we could hang out another day. I didn't want to impose on his time with him, but he said he was just cleaning up the house. After much convincing I headed on over to his old house- where his ex wife lives. His ex was gone, WHEW! We hugged when we saw each other, then he showed me around. He introduced me to his son who was very shy. We decided to walk from his house to Red Robin for dinner. He pushes his son in the little car he has all the way down there with diaper bag and all. I get his son a balloon when we go in, which he enjoyed for a moment until he lost it. Got him another and tied it to his high chair. His son nibbled on corn and we sat in amazement laughing, watching him inhale and get it all over the place I mean. We talked about what we did that day and stuff like that. He had a photo shoot at his old house for work. We talk about random stuff, then go back to his place where we watch Desperate Housewives, watch his son play, then he gives his son a bath. We then walk back to his old place so he can put his son to bed and we hang out on the couch cuddling after he is in bed. His wife was supposed to be home at 9, so he sends me back to his place with the key at 8:40. I finish up the finale of Desperate Housewives and he gets back about 9:40. I was a little worried for a while. He joked I had to finish Desperate Housewives before he arrived back because we were going to have playtime after. He walked in just as I finished and I was texting him "perfect timing" as I didn't realize he was on his way in when he texted. We hung out watching an episode of Chelsea Lately, then we went into the bedroom. We kissed, hugged, talked, and he sucked me off. I wanted to go down on him and should have. I was laying on top of him and should have when I had the opportunity. THe one thing holding me back? The precum. There was TONS and it wasn't hot, but next time I will. We played until after 12:15, 15 minutes after I normally would have turned into a pumpkin.

He texted me Sunday I think it was, and also Monday. We both texted each other asking what we were up to. I knew he had his son Monday, so I asked how he spoiled him that day. He took him to the pool.

I texted him this afternoon when I was at The Guy's. He texted back telling me about his day, his root canal, stuff like that. He asked where I was and I told him the city I was in. He said I was near him. I texted "so close, yet so far." He texted a sad face or something back, and I said, but "I'll be heading your way soon," so I did. I went to the rally for about 45 minutes, as I said, then went to his place about 7:45. We hugged and talked about what we've been up to over the past couple days- like every detail- the interesting stuff. We chatted about how The Guy dated his best friend and I said that was who I was hanging out with. He laughed and told me how funny that was that our friends dated. (I'LL POST THE BACKSTORY TOMORROW- THE TALK WITH THE GUY). We watched an episode of "Chelsea Lately," yet again, and talked about some TV shows. We made fun of Cloris Leachman.

We go into the bedroom after and relax. We cuddle, kiss, and makeout. I am eager and go for his pants to get his dick. Already I feel all the precum through his boxer briefs, but continue rubbing. We kiss and he is on top of me most of the time, so it is hard to move and move to his dick. He ends up going down on me for a moment until he hears both of our stomachs. Then we head to PF Changs, and I drive. He is amused by the little gadgets in my car. My car is high tech, I'll tell you. I forgot where the PF Changs was for a moment, which provided for much entertainment as I maneuvered my way there. We chat about iPhones and things like that. We eat quickly, then head back to his place. I hug him as he exits my car. He is tired and needed a Vicodin.

He texted me on the way home thanking me for stopping by and how I make him smile. I sent him a wink back and told him that I enjoyed being with him.

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Aek said...

Awww, baby!! Actually I have no idea how old his son is, but I assume quite young if he's still in diapers.

I think pre-cum is HOT. XD