Friday, May 15, 2009

Life has gotten in the way

Life has gotten in the way this week. I seem to be on the go nonstop.

Monday- School 10-4, then ran to Rancho for the Apple Store, then studied for the CSET
Tuesday- Worked 7-2:30, then studied for the CSET that evening
Wednesday- School 10-12, then worked 12:30-2:30, then studied with The Guy, went to the gym, and more studying
Thursday- Worked 7-2:30, then did lots of work related stuff until 4, then allergy shots, gym, and studying for the CSET.
Friday- Worked 7:45-9:30, school 10-11, back at work from 11:30-2:30, vegging until after dinner, then more studying
Saturday- nice calm morning planned, big lunch, then test from 1:30-7
Sunday- tons of homework- reading for Spanish, WMST and Spanish research paper proposals (both are my finals for the classes, btw), and art class reading
Monday- Dentist at 8a.m., school 10-4
Tuesday- work (probably)
Next week: Start on Women's Studies group presentation

Other things:
- Haven't heard or seen Carl since the fallout (WHEW!)
- My new partner in Spanish, Steven, is AWESOME. He is such a shy guy and we've only spoken a few words in person, but he does the work and writes long detailed emails about his ideas
- My dad isn't doing so well and it is really hurting me to see
- Aunt in Nor Cal drama continues, but this week has been amusement more than anything. She sinks to new lows daily.
- Branching out in the clothing department this week. Wore brown khakis, pink buttondown shirt on Monday. Today I wore a purple AE t-shirt and blue jeans. Got lots of complements both days.

And since I've been busy as we can see I need to plan some fun. The fun this weekend will be visiting McDonalds and writing a review in English and Spanish for my professional website about them. I will also visit Starbucks for a comparison.

Update: My boss said he'd have the recommendation for me by today to review and edit. Edit was an understatement. In 3 paragraphs with a total of 14 sentences I counted 11 errors (basic grammar and spelling). I've seen other things he has written, and he cannot spell. He spells gym "j-i-m" if that gives you an indication. He told me to edit and make suggestions. I'm really embarrassed to take it back to him. I am thinking of writing him a short note thanking him for the praise and how I am really grateful for it, then just in a pencil go through and edit.


Aek said...

Busy busy. :P

Anonymous said...

What's up with your pops?