Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My mom's take on music

We know my dad has no problems comment on every song, albeit usually negatively if it is not oldies or classic country, however my mom is a little different.

My mom likes very few songs outside of the oldies realm. She will listen to KOST 1035 (Soft rock with less talk) however, so if it is played on there, she probably likes it.

So of course there is Faith Hill, who is country, but puts her in a happy mood with songs like "This Kiss."

There are the Backstreet Boys, to which she always says, "I know your sister doesn't like them, but I like any boy band that can harmonize." OR "I remember when your aunt said she liked BSB and I laughed at her."

"This is such a beautiful song, her voice is so delicate." OR "It doesn't sound all that country." OR "Again, I don't understand why your sister doesn't like it. It is sweet."

When I do have it on a country station or something she normally doesn't listen to she rarely complains. She does however ask something in a playful way, like "are these the values you really want to teach to your kids, drinking and cold beers?"

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