Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

I was messaging Chris via phone and AIM all day yesterday. Last night he messaged me on AIM asking what I was doing. I said homework. He said bring it on over. I said I guess. More chatting ensued and I said I guess I could come over. We chatted about what we were watching. I asked if he watches "Dancing With the Stars." He said no. He told me he knows I do and how gay I am. I denied it. He asked whether I was coming over and I said I guess. He said I say I guess a lot and we joked about how I wasn't being serious. I said I was interesting in going.

We were going to watch Dancing with the Stars. I get to his place about 8:45p.m., 45 minutes after it would have started. We hug, then go sit down on the couch. He shows me how he was able to vacuum the whole house since I took so long. We turn on Dancing with the Stars, but decide Chelsea Lately looks so much better. We watch 2 episodes, sitting, laughing on the couch. It was really fun. Then after 2 minutes of Dancing With the Stars he is bored, so we decide to watch Desperate Housewives on his laptop in the bedroom since I missed it.

We go in the bedroom and he said the rule was pants off. We both take our pants off and cuddle up under the covers. We kiss, make out, while the show plays in the background. The show pauses and we don't bother to hit the play button as we're too busy making out. We roll around in bed and eventually both jack ourselves off for about 2 hours.

Again, I had to leave by midnight so I wouldn't turn into a pumpkin.

Haven't heard from him much today. He asked me if I had to work since I hadn't been called to sub last night. I was called to sub this morning.


Stephen Chapman... said...

it amazes me how popular Dancing With the Stars is - of course, it's based on the BBC programme called "strictly come dancing" which itself is based on a 1970's BBC TV programme called "Come Dancing" - which influences the Kinks song with the same name!

Who would have thought that a 1970's ballroom dancing programme would make millions for the BBC!?!

Aek said...

Jacking each other off for 2 hours?! o_O