Sunday, May 10, 2009

House sitting

The Guy asked me to house sit this past week for him since he was going to SF for his birthday. I said sure.

The Guy and Zach leave early Friday morning. We text each other back and forth several times that day about whether I got in OK, what I was doing, things like that. He also texts me 3-4 times to tell me he left $100 in the fridge for food since had nothing.

I get to his place about 8p.m. Friday night and am overcome by the smell of his dog. His dog doesn't smell bad. Well most of the time he doesn't, but my allergies were heightened for some reason that night. I put the comforter from the bed in the dryer to air it out and make it smell better. While sitting on the couch I realized the comforter there, as well as all the pillows on the couch smelled like dog or stale. The Guy's house doesn't smell that bad, and he isn't a complete slob, but well, it is allergy season and my allergies are horrible. I just gave everything 20 minute spins in the dryer, which did the trick. I could breathe again. I did however have a couple bad allergy attacks this weekend.

I was there for about an hour when The Guy calls. He said Jeff was on his way over. Jeff showed up a few minutes later and wanted to use the internet. He was going to work on his website, ended up playing WOW, and then his friend Jeff came over, whom I've never met. Jeff and I ended up watching the Star Trek trailer and after he declared he was cumming over it we needed to go see it. We decided on the theater and then when his friend Jeff showed up we took off. We got to the theater 45 minutes early, which was nice. I saw my mom's former boss and so I talked to him and told him about my mom's ordeal at work and all the problems with that. I wanted to hang out with Jeff and his friend, but it was cool to see my mom's boss because he is going to try to help her out. We talked up until the movie was about to start. We go in and I swear we cummed for 2 hours. It was just so hot. The action. The guys. Captain Kirk. The movie lets out at 12:40a.m. We all go back to The Guy's place and watch dumb Lady Gaga and Britney videos until 3a.m. I sort of kicked them out, or nicely told them I was tired because I had to get up at 9a.m. It was weird hanging out with Jeff since we've never hung out together like that without The Guy. It was really nice of him to include me, though, and made me feel good.

Saturday I had to go to Chinatown in LA for school. Didn't enjoy my trip as much as last time when I went to LA. Did snap a few shots and did enjoy it overall. Went to the mall after near The Guy's house and walked around. Treated myself to some Spanish paella for dinner. I snacked on pot stickers later that night at The Guy's. I got a call from Chris, some random guy I've been chatting with on connexion. He wanted to meet since he was bored and lives near The Guy. I said sure. We met at Chilis where we had endless chips and Diet Cokes. Then we had cheesecake for dessert. I ate so much and felt so fat. We spent close to 2 1/2 hours talking about iPhones, technology and school. He seems like a cool guy.

I get back to The Guy's place and I was horny. I was also kind of tense because I was beating myself up over some stuff. The Mike who made the Gary Busey comment had called me and I didn't pick up because I wasn't going to play any games and didn't want to hear what he had to say. I didn't do any homework like I'd planned. I needed to relax and it was late. I decided The Guy had some frozen strawberries, raspberries, tons of strawberry margarita mix and tequila. I needed a nice strong strawberry raspberry margarita, which was quite good. The Guy also had tons of poppers laying around. No joke- he has 3-4 bottles in the bathroom drawer, 3-4 in the kitchen tool drawer, 3-4 in the computer room, and a half dozen bottles in his bedroom and for the hell of it I decided to get high. And I did. And so that was that. The margarita was good, I watched some porn on The Guy's Apple TV, got off, and yes, got high. It was a good night and I was much more relaxed afterward. I was also thinking The Guy is probably out getting drunk or stoned, so why don't I? I'll feel better. I was right. Talked to him today and he was doing both.

Mom's day was pretty good. My mom loved the summer dress and cover up I bought her. It was brown with coral flowers on it and had a coral cover up to go with it. We ate at Sizzler since sis will eat there. It was packed.

Forgot to leave the key for The Guy's house so had to make another trip back to his house, which just put me in a bitchy mood. And he was tired and wanting to sleep, further putting me in a bad mood. I understand he was tired. I just didn't want to have to turn right around and come home. Oh well, I'm in a good mood right now. Chatting with the guy Chris that I met last night at Chilis.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Star Trek too. I'm not a Trekkie and I've seen it twice already! Kirk needs to give up green women and
find him a little star fleet hottie, Aye captain!