Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have an acquaintance, Juan, a big, burly latino guy, who is probably 28 or so, who is just graduating from massage school and he was asking me the other day if I would let him give me a massage so that he could post the review I gave on his website, as well as get some practice. Most friends turned him down because they thought it was awkward to be nude in front of a friend, but also because he is a big guy (220lbs or so) that he'd crush them. I figured he knows what he is doing since he just graduated. It was a win-win. I got a free massage, which was soooooo welcome after this week, and he got his review for his website. I met him through my friend Jenny.

I get over to his place about 4p.m., just after all the craziness at work happened today, and my big crazy presentation with Steven (which went fabulous, btw, despite the fact the íon words threw me off in pronunciation). Juan tells me to undress completely, then I could put a towel around myself, and he'd work from there. He comes in just as I was putting the towel around myself. Close call... haha. Well, he went to work with the lotions and everything working on my neck, then down my back, etc. He was doing a Swedish/ deep tissue, and for the mostpart it felt REALLY good. There was one part though, where he was applying pressure to my back and went down on opposing sides of the spine and just about every bone in my back cracked as he was doing it. It was kind of painful and there were lots of places I never knew could crack. I was a little worried. Oh well, the massage continued, and after I was very relaxed I do have to say. My back feels soooo much better, but the whole cracking thing? wow.

I do feel revitalized and ready to take on what comes next, which is crazy to think it was so relaxing. A great back rub could have done it for me where he worked on the knots in my back, but this was good, too! I did feel very relaxed, though!

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Aek said...

Hurray on free massage!!