Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dad is doing better

Problem solved- my dad is seeing SEVERAL different doctors right now at 2 different hospitals. He failed to mention to one he was on betablockers, which was lowering his heart rate. I guess the betablocker is in his anxiety medicine the doctor at Kaiser prescribed, but he didn't tell the doctor at the VA hospital he was taking it. The VA is the one that has been telling him what pills to take for his heart/blood pressure lately since he started being treated there more often. He had a doctor's appointment this morning and is doing better tonight. He is up and around. He made dinner tonight, but he probably won't be at work tomorrow. My mom has been going on all night criticizing my dad for being so stupid and had him write down all of the medications he was on that he didn't consider important or forgot about, or whatever the case. Back to normal- the usual bickering? haha... my parents aren't that bad. I feel so relieved in a way, yet so worried still since he isn't out of the woods yet.


Anonymous said...

hey there. I am catching up on your. Log. I am way behind. Having to read it on my i-phone. Lots going on. I will have to brush up on the guys in your life.

Kissing and cuddle guy sounds nice. Glad you and the guy still hang out. I am sorry about your dads health battles.

Congrats on graduating!!!!

Aek said...

Never neglect to tell the doctor what medication and such you're on. You never know what the cross-reactions may be. With some medication, I believe, you're not supposed to take with milk or grapefruit. And many (if not most) you shouldn't take with alcohol.

I'm glad your dad's feeling better. It looks like one of the doctors finally has the info he/she needs to keep things in check.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. It is always so important to tell your doctor every medication you are on, but I also know if can be easy to leave one out.

We actually have a running list for my dad. We keep it on file and change it every time his meds change. It has proved very helpful with his different doctors.

Glad today was a brighter one for you.