Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I know I said I was going to stay home and study last night. I was. I was texting Chris all day, however. I met Chris last weekend when I was house sitting for The Guy, and we went on a date, date #1 apparently to Chilis. We have chatted back and forth via text several times a day asking what each other was up to and sharing stories. We started texting about 4:30 yesterday about any plans for the night. I said nada. Then he said "hmmm." He texted me about 20 minutes asking what I wanted to do. I thought he was asking what I wanted to do with him. I told him I was easy going and anything sounded good. He said "ooooh, you want to hang out with me? :-)." So with all of that we decided we'd meet a his place and go to Victoria Gardens.

I got to his apartment about 6:30 and he is outside. We missed each other. He walked outside to help me find it, but I was already there. We go in and he shows me around- his cats; his son's photos because he did the straight life prior to coming out, is divorced, and has a 1 year old; his TV, and his son's room and bathroom. He has split custody of the kid and it doesn't really bother me. He asked if it would. We sit down and I set up Spaces on his Mac for him and check movie times for "Angels and Demons." We're sitting on the couch together touching each other. He has his hand on my leg throughout all of this.

We head off a few minutes later and he tells me his best friend was texting him about being at Victoria Gardens and being a french whore or something because he was with girls and trying on perfumes. We get into his VW SUV and he told me to tell him where I want to eat. We drive around first to kill time looking at where the old CompUSA used to be and things like that. Then he shows me his car and the sensors, and his radio that gets bad reception, yet it is a top of the line radio. We decide to eat at Mel's Diner by Ontario Mills. We go in and listen to the music, sing, flirt, talk about work, and what we want to eat. Then I see it. On the table. There was a message from "Michael." Michael was The Guy's last boyfriend- before Josh, before me (if we were). Mike is the one who The Guy went out with prior to meeting me who broke his heart just after Valentines day of 07. OMG. I was thinking wow, small world. I am 10 miles from The Guy's house, Mike lives in Hollywood, and his best friend is Chris. Shows how connected the gay community is. He told me how his best friend is not the best role model for being gay. He has had gonorrhea multiple times and has slept around with 4-5 guys in the same day and how he did that with his last serious boyfriend, whom I know HAPPENS TO BE THE GUY. Then there's me, who was seeing this fellow on our 2nd date. Is he like that? Hmm... dunno... questions.

We go across to Ontario Mills to see "Angels and Demons." While waiting for the movie to start we're again sitting very close, touching each other. We're on our phones playing against each other in a game called Scramble on our iPhones. I keep beating his high score. He was sad that I do everything better than him. There was lots of holding hands and cuddling during the movie.

It got out about 11 and we raced back to his place because I was going to expire at midnight he deemed since I had my CSET today. We parked, walked up the stairs to his apartment, and made out on his bed and touched each other for the next 50 minutes. Not the most experienced kisser, but I think that was good because I got to be more dominant when it came to taking charge with kisses. He laid on top of me the entire time.

At midnight he put my shirt back on and then went to the kitchen. He told me I needed some water because it would be healthy for me because I have a test today. I took the water and then we hugged. He walked me to my car and I showed him the keyless system it has. He told me I need to take the dealer plate off the front. I told him I took it off the back and he ran to the back to confirm that I did. I have a silver license plate frame that says the model of my car in back.

I got home about 12:30 and expired for the next 8 or so hours.

So here's my points of contention. I'm just bringing this up and thinking about it because I know who Michael is. I am not sure if The Guy knows who Chris is. I know that I have to be careful now when talking about Chris around The Guy. I haven't told The Guy about him. I am sure when I do he'll want to see a pic and stuff like that, and know about him. He may know who Michael's best friend is, and may say it is him. I don't know. I know I'll have the urge to say it is Michael's best friend. I am sure he'll say that's bad news or something to that effect. I kind of want to say something because The Guy may know about Chris and be able to give me more info on him. I kind of want to say because I trust The Guy and his input. I know I'm treading on tough ground here by bringing up the relationship/friendship of Michael and his best friend, as well as The Guy. I know I don't have to tell The Guy everything, even. I just worry that if we do end up dating and I don't tell him when my name is possibly/could be tossed around it might make things interesting.

I know however that Chris wants a third date and we have been talking quite a bit today. He wished me luck on the test, asked how it went, and what I'm up to. I still feel like I know so little about this guy, yet I do know some stuff. Hmmmm.

Update: I checked out Chris' facebook and discovered 3 friends in common with The Guy, which isn't to be unexpected. It just means I have to be careful.


Aek said...

I hope your test went well!!

*Begins singing* It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small small world.

borg_queen said...

How did you know that it was The Mike? Was there a picture or full name on the phone, etc?

You will have to tell both the Guy and Chris at some point or risk them finding out from others or unintentionally.

Mike said...

borg_queen: I know because I did see a picture, but also the last name was the same. Michael has a very unusual last name.

I think you're right on the other finding out.

Bruce said...

Honesty is always the best policy. I'm not sure the Guy can be objective about Chris since he's the ex's best friend. But you should tell them both that you know the story and leave it at that.

Hope the test went well!! I'm sure you did great on it.

Anonymous said...

My head is spinning, I don't think I understand the connection.

Granted, I'm at an Arby's getting free wifi LOL.
So, no advice from me since I don't understand.

Mike said...

Chris, the guy I'm dating is best friend's with Michael. Michael is The Guy's ex. It is bound to come out to Michael or The Guy who I'm seeing and I am worried about that.