Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost his drag show virginity

I was having a really rough night last night. My mom had a terrible day at work and some of the developments made me upset. My dad was still loopy and loose because the oxygen isn't getting to his brain like it should, which is disturbing in and of itself- we're worried about the long term effects. My dad's blood pressure raising medicines that he has been prescribed are not doing the trick. The blood thickener he used to be on isn't working. He is pretty much confined to the couch because of dizziness and forgetfulness, so I had to make dinner, and I just wasn't in a good humor.

I texted Dennis at about 6:30 and I said we should go to a drag show. He texted me back and said it'd take some convincing. I told him I'd get VIP seats for the show and it was at 11. He said he'd see me at 10.

See? I don't need Carl to go. HAHA

I get to the club at 10 and Dennis comes a few minutes later. He had never been to a club and was dismayed he had to pull out his ID. We paid the cover and went in. I knew we both wouldn't be drinking, and that was fine.

He asked me where I decided to go for my teaching credential, school, life, and all the other stuff. I went down the list telling him what was going on. Just told him it was a difficult week with work, school, and then my dad's health. I left it at that. I asked him about work. He said he was ready to graduate, told me about job hunting, and things like that. I know he opens up much better to me online, so I wasn't expecting anything earth shattering in person. We had fun joking around as I told him stories about the students like with my shoes on Thursday, my little troublemakers I sub for, and other random stuff.

The seating started 30 minutes before the show and we sat in the back row. We laughed at the drunk lesbians next to us.

The show featured a lot of older songs last night, but also the most amusing scene from Ab Fab making fun of being an alcoholic. The drag queen had a lit cigarette and a bottle of champaigne. She then started stumbling around wetting members of the audience. I seemed to take the brunt of that as I was at the back where she was standing too. There were a couple Gloria Estefan songs like "Caridad," which were totally amusing because Spanish just seemed to complicate the mix, but also the drag queen brought out a bag of tortillas, started eating them, then threw them at the audience. I got hit with a tortilla, which was hysterical to Dennis. I joked with Dennis I got beat up by food.

The Pink drag queen did "So What," and damn she was good. Seriously. She also performed "Bad Influence," which was good.

After the show we stood around and Dennis asked what the appeal was for me to go there. I told him that I do see people I know and I mentioned people from high school, my neighbor, and other random people.

By this time he was relaxed and said he wanted to go outside to the patio. We went out there and stood around talking about school, yet again. We also talked about some of the people we saw around there. I think Dennis was a little surprised and how risque some of the people were dressed.

Anyways, by 1:00 he was yawning and said we should head home.

I logged onto facebook this morning and saw that he "enjoyed his time at the club with his brother." HAHA... I'm glad that Dennis considers me a good friend, like a brother.


Aek said...

I'm glad you had a great night with Dennis, especially after things seem so down lately.

I hope your dad's doing okay. So he has low blood pressure and is on blood thinners? Maybe he should increase his fluid intake and (maybe) sodium intake to help raise his bp a little. As for the oxygen thing, I hope there's no obstruction in his airways.

Anyway, best of luck with everything.

borg_queen said...

Shouldn't blood thickeners compound the problem of blood not delivering enough oxygen? Shouldn't it be blood thinners that will help? Vitamin E is the best blood thinner there is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the time out with Dennis was just what you needed. Also, sounds like the show was a bit on the crazy side...but fun.

I hope things begin to improve with your dad (and your mom). Sounds like he, and all of you with him, are going through a really tough time. I keep you all in my thoughts each night.

By the way, could you explain the whole "teacher credential" situation to me. Don't you get your teaching credentials when you finish the teaching program in college? Is this a CA thing? Just was curious to know.

Jonathan said...

Ab Fab and drag queens ... a match made in gay heaven. :)

Mike said...

whoslife- There's lots of little hurdles to teach in Cali. First the CBEST test, which is a basic education test that tests you on material like English and Algebra 1/ basic Geometry. There is the CSET test, which is the subject education test for the subject you want to teach. If you can't pass that, you can't teach that subject. Then there is the credential. The credential requires taking the appropriate credential classes at a college, which takes a year to year and a half after you have your bachelors. Then you have 15-30 weeks of student teaching depending on the school you go for your teaching credential.