Monday, August 20, 2007

My morning

First thing was at 5:45 my sister was running through the house getting ready and I didn't want to be woken up so early.

To start the morning I turn on Today in LA only to remember Rachel Boesing is no longer the morning weather girl. Hurt, I was. I had to do some channel surfing to find a quick substitute. I need to have my morning dose of news and it was hard to watch with no Rachel to brighten my morning.

I like Henry Dicarlo and Vera Jiminez on channel 2, but they're only the traffic and weather reporters and not shown much. The CBS 2 morning show is so slow paced, it is almost boring to watch and they don't have all the morning reporters the other stations do. I don't like Chris Schauble and Jennifer Bjorklund on Today in LA- Rachel was the only reason I watched and because they did weather every few minutes, I got my morning helping of Rachel. I like Emmett Miller and Cher Calvin on KTLA. I don't like Jessica Holmes in the telecopter on KTLA because she doesn't appear to be that smart and her voice is downright annoying. I don't like Jane Monreal on channel 7, but Kathy, Phillip, and Garth are fine. They just don't replace Rachel. I won't watch 11 in the morning. I don't like Jean Martirez, Tony McEwing, Lisa Breckenridge, but Rick Dickert is hot, but not shown enough to justify watching.

So for now I'm a KTLA watcher in the morning now. Not that this matters, but I have to have my morning helping of news and weather. I just enjoyed watching Rachel and her bubbly personality, her hot looks, nice glasses, sexy voice, and style. Here's some Rachel Boesing videos I found on youtube.

I love the funnel cake part in the video above and the cooler weather part.

Her goodbye video...

I was forced to stay up because through the midst of all this, my sister was getting ready for her first day of college. My mom took her to the train station at 6:10 and my sister made the 6:45 train to get to college. She called at 7:45 to say she was getting off the train and waiting for the bus. My sister called 3 or 4 times within 10 minutes and gave my mom a heart attack nearly each time saying she didn't see the right bus coming. My sister called about 8:05 and said she was on the bus. She called at 8:15 to say she was at the college. I'm shocked she made it. I honestly doubted she could make it and had the maturity. I don't think I was being critical just because she was my sister- I really didn't think she could when she acts like a baby 90% of the time. My dad and I are picking her up to today to take her to the Angels/Yankees game, so we'll have to wait to Wednesday to see if she can make it home on her own.


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